Preparing for baptism – August 11, 2014

Hey Yall!

This week was pretty good.  We had some awesome stuff happen.  On Monday we did the usual P-day stuff.  We played some Catan and stuff.  The competition is tough in the district.  But I can usually at least get second.  I just don’t win every time anymore.  But anyway, P-day was fun.

Tuesday was fun too.  We had district meeting in the morning.  I trained on helping people read the Book of Mormon.  Then after the meeting we went around and tracted.  That was for most of the day.  The last thing we did on Tuesday was visit Shihan at the Dojo.  We talked about the priesthood with him.  He wants to work on getting that.

On Wednesday we had a really weird day.  Not much happened other than planning.  It was just weird.  We did go tracting with Brother Elder Dickman Jr though.  That’s all.

Then was Thursday!  Thursday was an awesome day.  We had Specialized Training in the morning.  We talked about helping people prepare for baptism.  Part of that was inviting people even if it’s the first time we meet them.  We were asked to try and invite someone to be baptized every day.  After Specialized Training I had another three hour meeting!  It was District Leader Accountability.  That was a really awesome meeting.  It was all about how we could be good leaders and help the zone out.  Right after the meetings we went and taught Rick.  He decided that he wanted to be baptized on September 13th!  So we are going to help him prepare for that.  The last person we visited Thursday was Branden.  We focused on the Book of Mormon the whole time.  He wants to make sure he’s ready before he decides to be baptized.  So we told him to read the Book of Mormon to get ready.

Friday was another tracting day.  It worked out well though.  One person told us to try their neighbor.  So we did!  It was a family and we talked to the husband.  We talked for a couple minutes about the Book of Mormon, then asked if he would be baptized if he knew it was true.  He said yes, then we set up a time to teach his whole family 45 minutes later.  That’s when we taught them the Restoration.  They said they have been needing to go to church.  They are also going to work towards being baptized on August 30th!

Saturday was slightly less awesome than Friday, but still really good.  We taught Tom right after lunch and then Rick later in the day.  Rick knows a lot since he has been taught various times over the last ten years.  He’s a cool guy.

Sunday was cool.  One of the youth had his mission farewell at church.  He is going to Peru.  Then we did the other usual Sunday stuff.  We tried some investigators.  We also visited a recent convert and taught part of their family.  It was cool.

And that was the week of this last week.  It was fun.  That is all.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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