Sickles and Sick Beats – 7/14/2014

Good Day!

This week was pretty awesome.  We did cool stuff.  The first half was actually pretty slow.  But it was fun.  P-day was enjoyable.  That’s all I remember.  That’s not true.  I remember buying an elephant tie at Goodwill.  It is similar to my squirrel tie.  Not quite as cool as squirrels, but still awesome.

Then on Tuesday we had district meeting.  It was cool.  We learned things and did stuff.  Then we taught a couple of people.  Our investigator Branden brought us to Hu Hot for dinner.  It’s a Mongolian buffet.  It was supper delicious.  We kind of made a mistake though.  We ate at Cici’s for lunch after district meeting.  So we double buffeted(that’s probably not the plural for buffet).  After dinner we taught Branden.  He is progressing well.

Not much happened on Wednesday or Thursday.  We were apartment hunting for some more missionaries that we were told would be coming next transfer.  But, we found out on Friday that they no longer were going to.  So all of that apartment hunting was a waste.  Oh well.  Thursday night we had another good lesson with Branden.

On Friday we had zone conference!  And that took most of the day.  It was a really good conference.  We learned a lot of awesome things.  The mission is trying to focus more on teaching families now.  We also had to official mission album release.  It’s called “Sickles and Sick Beats”.  A bunch of missionaries from around the mission made songs for it.  I enjoyed the meeting quite a bit.  Then I realized I had to bear my testimony at the end it.  That wasn’t very fun.  It was one of the hardest things to do ever.  But I survived.  So that sadly means that I have no more zone conferences for the rest of my mission.  After zone conference Elder Moyle went teaching with us.  We were both wearing our squirrel ties and got to relive the glory days.  It was fun, but we didn’t have much time for the exchange.

On Saturday it was really hot.  We walked around in it a lot.  Not much happened though.  What we did do was fast for and with Branden.  We did it to help him prepare for and decide if he wanted to be baptized.  We went by and visited him after dinner on Sunday.  And the fast worked!  He is doing everything he needs to and wants to be baptized on July 26th!  He also shared a scripture with us that he said helped him make the decision.  1 Corinthians 9:19-27.  It’s a really good one.  That was probably the coolest part of the week.

And that is about it.  Things are going awesome.  We are hoping to be able to get Maxx baptized soon.  We just need to get his dad’s permission and are having a hard time finding a good time to meet with him.  It will happen though.  Now for the P-day stuff!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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