Game of Chicken – 6/23/2014

Hello People!

This was an awesome week.  But I might make this email a little shorter than last week.  On Monday we did the usual Monday stuff.  It was fun.  And after that was Tuesday.  We had district meeting and it was really good.  From there we rode the bus and tried to visit people.  Most of the people we had planned weren’t available though.  So we decided to visit Maxx’s grandmother so we could talk about how we could help him progress.  But he ended up being there!  So we just taught him.  It was a good lesson.  He’s ready for baptism.  We just need his dad’s permission before he can get baptized.  We’re hoping we can get it this week.  On Wednesday we just did our thing.  Nothing too exciting happened.  We saw Maxx after scouts again.  But they had to leave so we couldn’t really teach him.  And that was Wednesday.

On Thursday we went to the church at 10.  We are starting to have all the missionaries in Topeka take shifts at the stake center for church tours.  Ours is from 10 to 12.  Nobody came while we were there this week.  There was also a leadership meeting for the district leaders going on.  So after that Elder Clay and I were riding bikes around the parking lot before lunch.  And the next thing you know, after an inadvertent game of chicken, we crashed!  So I guess we both won the game of chicken.  Sadly my bike didn’t.  The front rim bent really bad.  REALLY BAD!  There’s a picture included.  So that took some of our Thursday.  After that we walked around and talked to people.  Not much happened though.  Thursday night was awesome though.  We went and taught Branden.  We haven’t been able to teach him for about a month.  But since then he has stopped drinking coffee!  So that was awesome.  Definitely worth crashing my bike earlier in the day for that.

On Friday we went on exchanges!  I stayed in Sherwood and went with the district leader, Elder Simmons.  All we did was walk around all day, talk to people, and tract.  It was really hot.  The last house we tracted into we weren’t originally planning to.  We were actually heading somewhere to get dinner.  But then we decided to knock one more door.  And it was a guy who has been having a tough life recently.  So we taught him a little bit and set up a return appointment.  He’s a pretty cool guy.

Saturday we spent walking around in the heat again.  That’s about it though.  We talked with a couple of people that we haven’t seen for a while which was good.  We were able to set up appointments to meet with them.  But that was Saturday.  Sunday was awesome!  Church was awesome and stuff.  And Branden went to church!  Later in the day we helped set up the relief society room for a funeral that happened earlier today.  Not very many other people could help so we did.

That’s the main stuff that happened this week.  It was awesome.  Good stuff and things.  Oh and today I recorded Elder Clay singing a rendition of Give Said the Little Stream on my MP3 Player.  It’s pretty cool.  So I attached it as well.  Enjoy!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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