Double dinnered! – 6/30/2014

Hello Humans!

This week was awesome!  We did stuff.  P-day was full of P-day stuff.  And the rest of the week was full of rest of the week stuff.  That is all.

On Tuesday we had district meeting.  It was cool.  After district meeting I fixed my bike.  Then we rode around and tried to meet with a couple of investigators.  Not many people were home sadly.  We visited a recent convert named Jared after dinner with the member that fed us.

On Wednesday we didn’t see to many people.  But we did teach Mazz twice!  First at his grandma’s house, then at the church after scouts.  He is ready for baptism, we just need his dad’s permission.  So pray for that!  We’ll be working on that now.  Thursday was fun.  We got a church tour!  It was our shift at the church.  Nobody showed up though.  Well, until the end when a maintenance guy showed up and gave us a tour of the attic.  It was fun.  After we left the church we walked around and talked with people.  Nothing too exciting until after dinner though.  We taught Branden again.  He is still doing awesome.  He isn’t set for a baptism yet, but he will be soon.

Friday was day.  We went over to east Topeka in the morning.  But nothing worked out over there.  So we made our way back into central Topeka.  We visited with Jared again.  And we also met with a guy that we talked to a couple weeks ago.  We shared the Restoration with him.  It was a good lesson, he liked it.  After dinner all of our plans fell through.  So then we moved on to Saturday!

Saturday was fun.  It rained a lot.  I like the rain.  First we visited a guy named David.  He was taught in Manhattan and moved here temporarily.  Now he is moving down to Wichita, not temporarily.  He’s a cool guy.  The coolest part is that he said he wants to be baptized!  But since he is moving  this week we didn’t set him on date.  That was the coolest part about Saturday.

Sunday was really good.  I enjoyed church a lot.  But we sadly didn’t have any investigators at church.  But after church we double dinnered!  That’s always fun.  One of them was more of a late lunch though.  So I call it linner.  Both linner and dinner we’re both really good.  Ummm, and that’s about it.  The week was good and such.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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