Central Park – 6/16/2014

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty awesome!  We did all kinds of missionary stuff and things.  On Monday we had P-day!  It was a very lazy P-day.  I kind of just sat around and didn’t do much.  It was a very relaxing P-day.  It also rained a ton.  But that’s not really important.  I just like the rain.

Then there was Tuesday.  Lets see what happened Tuesday.  I don’t think too much happened.  Oh yeah we walked around Central Park, like we do a lot of the time.  It was pretty fun.  We talked to some peeps and taught the gospel.  We had a pretty good lesson with Antione.  He’s a cool guy.  He is working on getting baptized on July 12th.  We also went to visit Shihan at his Dojo.  He’s getting ready to go to the temple so we talked about that a little with him.

Then on Wednesday we had transfers!  And so we did some weekly planning because transfers did nothing to us.  After weekly planning we tried to go out and teach, but most of the people we tried were sadly not home.  We did do a little service for some members before dinner though.  All we did was help spread rocks around.  It was fun.  Wednesday night was pretty awesome.  We went to the church to teach Maxx after scouts.  We went over the Plan of Salvation with him.  He’s a really smart kid.

Thursday was another day of walking around.  Now I need to sit and ponder on what we did exactly so I can give more information on what we did.  That’s about all we did I guess.  I’m sure we did good stuff, but sometimes things just mesh together and I just forget when exactly we do things.  Oh we talked to a guy at the Central Park pond while he was fishing.  And he was pretty interested in what we were teaching.  So we are going to go teach him again this week.  And later that we were walking by a gas station and somebody in there car stopped us and talked with us.  He knows a bunch of members and wants to learn more.  People come to us if we just get out there and work!

Friday was fun though!  We had zone training in the morning.  It was awesome.  We talked about a bunch of things.  From studying to other missionary things.  Like missionary stuff.  Like teaching with pamphlets and stuff.  After zone training we went to east Topeka.  We don’t make it over there very often.  But we had some people we needed to visit and so we visited them.  While we were over there Elder Moyle called us.  He was using his AP powers to call us and extend a challenge to us.  All it was is to pray that the mission will reach 50 baptisms this month in every prayer.  That’s easy enough to do.  He also just wanted to say hi to me because he wanted to and could.

Saturday we did the same thing as Thursday.  It was pretty effective.  We talked to a bunch of people and got some new investigators.  For dinner we ate at the Bidwells.  We had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and made smores and ate other things.  It was fun.  They had some non-member friends there too.  So we talked with them about the church.  Now they might come to church with the Bidwells sometime.  And if not anytime soon then we can pester the Bidwells to keep sharing the gospel with them.  It will be awesome.

Sunday was an awesome day.  Church was really awesome!  The talks were all about fathers for some reason.  Maybe it was because it was fathers day or something like that.  Rick (Paula’s husband) got confirmed too.  He got baptized two weeks ago but didn’t make it to church the last too weeks.  Not the funnest thing in the world.  He is both blind and in a wheel chair though, so you can’t really blame him.  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I talked about his baptism much.  Probably because he hadn’t been confirmed yet.  Well, his baptism was only one of the coolest things on my mission ever.  Since he is blind and can’t walk we had to carry him into the font.  One of the Colley Creek ward Elders, Elder Nerdin, and I did that.  We did the whole make a chair with your arms thing.  Then Elder McIntire said the prayer and we lowered him into the water.  It was awesome.  Well now you have that story.

Anyway, that was the week.  It was awesome.  I hope you like the long email.  I guess I just felt like actually saying stuff this week.  Time for other P-day stuffs!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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