Hello people that read this! – 6/9/2014

Hello people that read this!

This week was pretty awesome!  It was a service week!  Monday we had P-day.  P-day things happened.  Really all I did was play Settlers of Catan.  I dominated.

On Tuesday we did some early weekly planning because we had district meeting on Wednesday instead.  After that we helped with a move.  It was fun.  We spent most of the day doing that.  Then after dinner we started walking around trying to find somebody to talk to.  At one point we saw a couple of people standing in their doorway.  We almost didn’t go talk to them, but then we decided that the worst thing they could do was kill us.  So we went up to talk to them.  As soon as we got to the door they asked if we wanted to help with something.  We then got to do more service!  It was helping them get ready to move.

Wednesday we did some service!  We went to a members home first thing in the morning to pull some weeds for them.  It was cool and stuff.  After that we had district meeting.  It was a good one.  From there we went over to east Topeka!  Not much happened over there though.  We had some referrals we were trying to contact, but they weren’t home.  After dinner we went to the church and taught Maxx again.  It was a pretty good lesson.  He’s a cool kid.  And he likes the Packers which makes him even awesomer!

We had a pretty good day on Thursday too.  In the morning we went with the Lake Shawnee Elders to teach the Carvers.  They are now officially the Lake Shawnee Elder’s investigators.  After that we taught a couple of other people.  Nothing to amazing happened.  After dinner we went with Bro. Angel on a team up.  We contacted a referral that we had gotten earlier in the day from a Lake Shawnee member.  His name is John.  He’s a really cool guy and wants to learn.  He actually almost got baptized around 40ish years ago.  Now he is hoping his wife will meet with us too.

On Friday not a whole lot happened.  We rode our bikes around a ton.  That was pretty fun.  But we didn’t see too many people.  It was still a fun day though.  Then on Saturday there was a baptism!  One of the sisters investigators got baptized, but we went to it.  Baptisms are awesome!

After that we had Sunday.  Church was awesome on Sunday.  Not much happened after church Sunday, but once again it was a fun day.

Now it is P-day.  We just found out about transfers.  Nothing is changing with Elder McIntire and I.  I get to be in Sherwood for at least 4 transfers now!  Other exciting news about transfers:  Elder Moyle is one of the assistants for his last transfer.  He now owes me 20 dollars.  Elder Howell is a district leader and training… Maybe.  Well, that’s the name of the person he is training.  Elder Maybee.  I would make too many jokes if I trained him.

Anywho, time for P-day things.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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