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District Captain – 7/21/2014

Hello Family!

This week was great!  We taught a bunch of our investigators and they made some good progression.  Monday was fun.  We played some more Catan.  And I won.  That was about it.

Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting.  I learned a lot.  Then we did some other things.  I might have to wait until later when I get my planner to finish this email.  Then I can remember what we did the rest of the day.  Until then I will continue on with Wednesday.  We had weekly planning and it was normal.  Then we went on to teach people.

Okay I can’t remember the exact details of every day.  So I guess I will just give you the highlights.  We taught Branden on Thursday and had a pretty good lesson.  He is doing pretty well.  He isn’t set for baptism, but he is really close and will be ready soon.  I’m thinking the beginning of August.

We also taught Tom this week.  He’s doing pretty good too.  We’re mostly just reviewing stuff since he’s been taught all of it.  He is working on getting baptized soon too.  So exciting times here in Sherwood.  Hopefully we can get permission to get Maxx baptized soon too.  Until then we will just keep teaching him and help him keep going to church.  He’s a cool kid.

On Saturday we had a ward BBQ at Gage park.  It was really fun.  Both Branden and Tom went.  Branden actually drove us there.  We spent about three hours there hanging out with members.  Our investigators got pretty good fellowship there.  Later in the day we went to the sisters baptism.  It was cool and stuff.  And then church was really good.  It’s always good.

So we got the transfer document today!  I actually got a call from President Bell last night.  He said I was going to be district leader here next transfer.  And the transfer document says the same thing so it wasn’t a dream.  What’s even more interesting is that I’m going to be with Elder Johnson again.  He’s the one I finished training in Wellington.  Also, they are taking the sisters out of the ward.  So it will just be us.  There will be a lot for us to do.  We’re going to get a lot of work done.  It will be fun.

That’s all for this week.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs


Sounds like fun stuff at home.  But I’m too interested in transfer stuff and doing shenanigans to finish this email though.  But I did put all the highlights.  I’m excited for this transfer.  Elder Johnson and I work well together.  It will be interesting being a district leader.  I think I’ll call myself district captain instead.  It sounds cooler.

Well, have a good week.  Go have some fun adventures!



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Sickles and Sick Beats – 7/14/2014

Good Day!

This week was pretty awesome.  We did cool stuff.  The first half was actually pretty slow.  But it was fun.  P-day was enjoyable.  That’s all I remember.  That’s not true.  I remember buying an elephant tie at Goodwill.  It is similar to my squirrel tie.  Not quite as cool as squirrels, but still awesome.

Then on Tuesday we had district meeting.  It was cool.  We learned things and did stuff.  Then we taught a couple of people.  Our investigator Branden brought us to Hu Hot for dinner.  It’s a Mongolian buffet.  It was supper delicious.  We kind of made a mistake though.  We ate at Cici’s for lunch after district meeting.  So we double buffeted(that’s probably not the plural for buffet).  After dinner we taught Branden.  He is progressing well.

Not much happened on Wednesday or Thursday.  We were apartment hunting for some more missionaries that we were told would be coming next transfer.  But, we found out on Friday that they no longer were going to.  So all of that apartment hunting was a waste.  Oh well.  Thursday night we had another good lesson with Branden.

On Friday we had zone conference!  And that took most of the day.  It was a really good conference.  We learned a lot of awesome things.  The mission is trying to focus more on teaching families now.  We also had to official mission album release.  It’s called “Sickles and Sick Beats”.  A bunch of missionaries from around the mission made songs for it.  I enjoyed the meeting quite a bit.  Then I realized I had to bear my testimony at the end it.  That wasn’t very fun.  It was one of the hardest things to do ever.  But I survived.  So that sadly means that I have no more zone conferences for the rest of my mission.  After zone conference Elder Moyle went teaching with us.  We were both wearing our squirrel ties and got to relive the glory days.  It was fun, but we didn’t have much time for the exchange.

On Saturday it was really hot.  We walked around in it a lot.  Not much happened though.  What we did do was fast for and with Branden.  We did it to help him prepare for and decide if he wanted to be baptized.  We went by and visited him after dinner on Sunday.  And the fast worked!  He is doing everything he needs to and wants to be baptized on July 26th!  He also shared a scripture with us that he said helped him make the decision.  1 Corinthians 9:19-27.  It’s a really good one.  That was probably the coolest part of the week.

And that is about it.  Things are going awesome.  We are hoping to be able to get Maxx baptized soon.  We just need to get his dad’s permission and are having a hard time finding a good time to meet with him.  It will happen though.  Now for the P-day stuff!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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Robot Missionaries – 7/8/2014

Hello Peoples!

We had a good week.  It started like all weeks.  With P-day.  Nothing too exciting happened.  It was fun though.  Then on Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting.  But other than that it was actually a pretty slow day.  Wednesday was awesome though!  The first thing we did was contact some people the Kaw Valley elders met on the bus.  Their names are Chandlin and Miranda.  We taught them the Restoration and they accepted a baptismal date for July 26th!  They are pretty cool.  Later that day we did some service.  We went with Brother Johanson from the Colley Creek Ward, formerly Kaw Valley.  It was at some friend’s of the Johansons that lived by Lake Sherwood.  We help remodel their deck.  We mostly just dismantled things.  It was really fun.

Thursday was a little slower as well for the first little bit.  But in the evening we taught Branden again.  It was a really good lesson.  He is making really good progress.  He’s just super awesome.  On Friday we had zone training.  It was a good one.  Each district did a short skit that represented one of the fundamentals of missionary work.  Ours was teaching people not lessons.  So Elder Clay and I pretended to be robot missionaries to show how it wasn’t done.  We had fun.  Later that day we met with Branden again.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie with him because he wanted to learn more about him.  He liked it.  Then we watched a bunch of fireworks from our balcony that night.  We had a really good view.

Saturday was an awesome day.  First thing in the morning we went to the Carver’s baptism.  They are the ones we started teaching and then they moved into the Lake Shawnee ward.  It was a good baptism.  Later that day we met with Tom.  We talked about the requirements for baptism.  Then he accepted a date for July 26th!

Sunday was a really good day as well.  We had four investigators at church!  Tom, Chandlin, and Miranda all came.  And Branden drove us to and from church.  It’s nice having him live so close.  Chandlin and Miranda actually live closer to us, but they don’t have a car.

Well, that’s all the exciting stuff from this week.  Things are going super awesome here.  We have some solid investigators that are progressing well.  This should be an awesome week.

Stay Classy!

Elder Tubbs

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Double dinnered! – 6/30/2014

Hello Humans!

This week was awesome!  We did stuff.  P-day was full of P-day stuff.  And the rest of the week was full of rest of the week stuff.  That is all.

On Tuesday we had district meeting.  It was cool.  After district meeting I fixed my bike.  Then we rode around and tried to meet with a couple of investigators.  Not many people were home sadly.  We visited a recent convert named Jared after dinner with the member that fed us.

On Wednesday we didn’t see to many people.  But we did teach Mazz twice!  First at his grandma’s house, then at the church after scouts.  He is ready for baptism, we just need his dad’s permission.  So pray for that!  We’ll be working on that now.  Thursday was fun.  We got a church tour!  It was our shift at the church.  Nobody showed up though.  Well, until the end when a maintenance guy showed up and gave us a tour of the attic.  It was fun.  After we left the church we walked around and talked with people.  Nothing too exciting until after dinner though.  We taught Branden again.  He is still doing awesome.  He isn’t set for a baptism yet, but he will be soon.

Friday was day.  We went over to east Topeka in the morning.  But nothing worked out over there.  So we made our way back into central Topeka.  We visited with Jared again.  And we also met with a guy that we talked to a couple weeks ago.  We shared the Restoration with him.  It was a good lesson, he liked it.  After dinner all of our plans fell through.  So then we moved on to Saturday!

Saturday was fun.  It rained a lot.  I like the rain.  First we visited a guy named David.  He was taught in Manhattan and moved here temporarily.  Now he is moving down to Wichita, not temporarily.  He’s a cool guy.  The coolest part is that he said he wants to be baptized!  But since he is moving  this week we didn’t set him on date.  That was the coolest part about Saturday.

Sunday was really good.  I enjoyed church a lot.  But we sadly didn’t have any investigators at church.  But after church we double dinnered!  That’s always fun.  One of them was more of a late lunch though.  So I call it linner.  Both linner and dinner we’re both really good.  Ummm, and that’s about it.  The week was good and such.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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Game of Chicken – 6/23/2014

Hello People!

This was an awesome week.  But I might make this email a little shorter than last week.  On Monday we did the usual Monday stuff.  It was fun.  And after that was Tuesday.  We had district meeting and it was really good.  From there we rode the bus and tried to visit people.  Most of the people we had planned weren’t available though.  So we decided to visit Maxx’s grandmother so we could talk about how we could help him progress.  But he ended up being there!  So we just taught him.  It was a good lesson.  He’s ready for baptism.  We just need his dad’s permission before he can get baptized.  We’re hoping we can get it this week.  On Wednesday we just did our thing.  Nothing too exciting happened.  We saw Maxx after scouts again.  But they had to leave so we couldn’t really teach him.  And that was Wednesday.

On Thursday we went to the church at 10.  We are starting to have all the missionaries in Topeka take shifts at the stake center for church tours.  Ours is from 10 to 12.  Nobody came while we were there this week.  There was also a leadership meeting for the district leaders going on.  So after that Elder Clay and I were riding bikes around the parking lot before lunch.  And the next thing you know, after an inadvertent game of chicken, we crashed!  So I guess we both won the game of chicken.  Sadly my bike didn’t.  The front rim bent really bad.  REALLY BAD!  There’s a picture included.  So that took some of our Thursday.  After that we walked around and talked to people.  Not much happened though.  Thursday night was awesome though.  We went and taught Branden.  We haven’t been able to teach him for about a month.  But since then he has stopped drinking coffee!  So that was awesome.  Definitely worth crashing my bike earlier in the day for that.

On Friday we went on exchanges!  I stayed in Sherwood and went with the district leader, Elder Simmons.  All we did was walk around all day, talk to people, and tract.  It was really hot.  The last house we tracted into we weren’t originally planning to.  We were actually heading somewhere to get dinner.  But then we decided to knock one more door.  And it was a guy who has been having a tough life recently.  So we taught him a little bit and set up a return appointment.  He’s a pretty cool guy.

Saturday we spent walking around in the heat again.  That’s about it though.  We talked with a couple of people that we haven’t seen for a while which was good.  We were able to set up appointments to meet with them.  But that was Saturday.  Sunday was awesome!  Church was awesome and stuff.  And Branden went to church!  Later in the day we helped set up the relief society room for a funeral that happened earlier today.  Not very many other people could help so we did.

That’s the main stuff that happened this week.  It was awesome.  Good stuff and things.  Oh and today I recorded Elder Clay singing a rendition of Give Said the Little Stream on my MP3 Player.  It’s pretty cool.  So I attached it as well.  Enjoy!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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Central Park – 6/16/2014

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty awesome!  We did all kinds of missionary stuff and things.  On Monday we had P-day!  It was a very lazy P-day.  I kind of just sat around and didn’t do much.  It was a very relaxing P-day.  It also rained a ton.  But that’s not really important.  I just like the rain.

Then there was Tuesday.  Lets see what happened Tuesday.  I don’t think too much happened.  Oh yeah we walked around Central Park, like we do a lot of the time.  It was pretty fun.  We talked to some peeps and taught the gospel.  We had a pretty good lesson with Antione.  He’s a cool guy.  He is working on getting baptized on July 12th.  We also went to visit Shihan at his Dojo.  He’s getting ready to go to the temple so we talked about that a little with him.

Then on Wednesday we had transfers!  And so we did some weekly planning because transfers did nothing to us.  After weekly planning we tried to go out and teach, but most of the people we tried were sadly not home.  We did do a little service for some members before dinner though.  All we did was help spread rocks around.  It was fun.  Wednesday night was pretty awesome.  We went to the church to teach Maxx after scouts.  We went over the Plan of Salvation with him.  He’s a really smart kid.

Thursday was another day of walking around.  Now I need to sit and ponder on what we did exactly so I can give more information on what we did.  That’s about all we did I guess.  I’m sure we did good stuff, but sometimes things just mesh together and I just forget when exactly we do things.  Oh we talked to a guy at the Central Park pond while he was fishing.  And he was pretty interested in what we were teaching.  So we are going to go teach him again this week.  And later that we were walking by a gas station and somebody in there car stopped us and talked with us.  He knows a bunch of members and wants to learn more.  People come to us if we just get out there and work!

Friday was fun though!  We had zone training in the morning.  It was awesome.  We talked about a bunch of things.  From studying to other missionary things.  Like missionary stuff.  Like teaching with pamphlets and stuff.  After zone training we went to east Topeka.  We don’t make it over there very often.  But we had some people we needed to visit and so we visited them.  While we were over there Elder Moyle called us.  He was using his AP powers to call us and extend a challenge to us.  All it was is to pray that the mission will reach 50 baptisms this month in every prayer.  That’s easy enough to do.  He also just wanted to say hi to me because he wanted to and could.

Saturday we did the same thing as Thursday.  It was pretty effective.  We talked to a bunch of people and got some new investigators.  For dinner we ate at the Bidwells.  We had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and made smores and ate other things.  It was fun.  They had some non-member friends there too.  So we talked with them about the church.  Now they might come to church with the Bidwells sometime.  And if not anytime soon then we can pester the Bidwells to keep sharing the gospel with them.  It will be awesome.

Sunday was an awesome day.  Church was really awesome!  The talks were all about fathers for some reason.  Maybe it was because it was fathers day or something like that.  Rick (Paula’s husband) got confirmed too.  He got baptized two weeks ago but didn’t make it to church the last too weeks.  Not the funnest thing in the world.  He is both blind and in a wheel chair though, so you can’t really blame him.  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I talked about his baptism much.  Probably because he hadn’t been confirmed yet.  Well, his baptism was only one of the coolest things on my mission ever.  Since he is blind and can’t walk we had to carry him into the font.  One of the Colley Creek ward Elders, Elder Nerdin, and I did that.  We did the whole make a chair with your arms thing.  Then Elder McIntire said the prayer and we lowered him into the water.  It was awesome.  Well now you have that story.

Anyway, that was the week.  It was awesome.  I hope you like the long email.  I guess I just felt like actually saying stuff this week.  Time for other P-day stuffs!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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Hello people that read this! – 6/9/2014

Hello people that read this!

This week was pretty awesome!  It was a service week!  Monday we had P-day.  P-day things happened.  Really all I did was play Settlers of Catan.  I dominated.

On Tuesday we did some early weekly planning because we had district meeting on Wednesday instead.  After that we helped with a move.  It was fun.  We spent most of the day doing that.  Then after dinner we started walking around trying to find somebody to talk to.  At one point we saw a couple of people standing in their doorway.  We almost didn’t go talk to them, but then we decided that the worst thing they could do was kill us.  So we went up to talk to them.  As soon as we got to the door they asked if we wanted to help with something.  We then got to do more service!  It was helping them get ready to move.

Wednesday we did some service!  We went to a members home first thing in the morning to pull some weeds for them.  It was cool and stuff.  After that we had district meeting.  It was a good one.  From there we went over to east Topeka!  Not much happened over there though.  We had some referrals we were trying to contact, but they weren’t home.  After dinner we went to the church and taught Maxx again.  It was a pretty good lesson.  He’s a cool kid.  And he likes the Packers which makes him even awesomer!

We had a pretty good day on Thursday too.  In the morning we went with the Lake Shawnee Elders to teach the Carvers.  They are now officially the Lake Shawnee Elder’s investigators.  After that we taught a couple of other people.  Nothing to amazing happened.  After dinner we went with Bro. Angel on a team up.  We contacted a referral that we had gotten earlier in the day from a Lake Shawnee member.  His name is John.  He’s a really cool guy and wants to learn.  He actually almost got baptized around 40ish years ago.  Now he is hoping his wife will meet with us too.

On Friday not a whole lot happened.  We rode our bikes around a ton.  That was pretty fun.  But we didn’t see too many people.  It was still a fun day though.  Then on Saturday there was a baptism!  One of the sisters investigators got baptized, but we went to it.  Baptisms are awesome!

After that we had Sunday.  Church was awesome on Sunday.  Not much happened after church Sunday, but once again it was a fun day.

Now it is P-day.  We just found out about transfers.  Nothing is changing with Elder McIntire and I.  I get to be in Sherwood for at least 4 transfers now!  Other exciting news about transfers:  Elder Moyle is one of the assistants for his last transfer.  He now owes me 20 dollars.  Elder Howell is a district leader and training… Maybe.  Well, that’s the name of the person he is training.  Elder Maybee.  I would make too many jokes if I trained him.

Anywho, time for P-day things.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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Awesome – 6/2/2014

Here is some more email!  So I just finished winning two more games of Catan.  Now I am 4-0 in the district.  I’m awesome.

So I remembered some cool things that we did this week.  On Thursday we went to jail!  It was fun.  We got permission from President Bell to visit somebody that wanted a Book of Mormon.  We only talked for a couple of minutes, and we couldn’t give him the Book of Mormon directly.  So we just left four copies with the chaplain at the jail.  It was an adventure.

Now lets see…

I think that is all of the epic adventureness that I can think of for now.

Now that should be all for real.

I’m awesome!

Elder Tubbs

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Seven new investigators! – 5/26/2014

Hey Everyone!

This week was awesome!  We had a lot of success.  On P-day we did P-day things.  Mostly basketball.  It was fun.  I also bought a couple of disc golf discs for future P-days.  We went a lot last summer and we are probably going to in the next few weeks.  It’s really fun.  Then we had Tuesday.  On Tuesday there was district meeting.  And district meeting was good.  Not a whole lot else happened on Tuesday.  We did a little tracting.  Or maybe a lot of tracting.

Wednesday was when things became awesome!  We did a lot of finding.  Mostly we went around contacting the referrals that we were bombarded with the last two weeks.  It was pretty effective.  We found four new investigators that day!  They are pretty cool people.  The awesomeness continued on Thursday.  It was raining on and off all day.  But we rode our bikes around anyway.  And rode the bus.  Anywho, we started teaching a former investigator again  Thursday.  It was cool.

Now I’m trying to remember what happened on Friday.  I think we just had a ton of appointments all day.  That sounds right.  We just went around and taught a bunch of people.  It was a pretty good day.  We were able to get one of the priests in our ward to come teach with us too.  Then on Saturday we walked around in the rain.  It was enjoyable.  A lot of our appointments fell through. But we had a couple of good lessons still.

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  Church was really good.  But sadly we still didn’t have anyone at church.  After church we met with another new referral that we got this week and got another new investigator!  We actually ended up finding seven this week!

So yeah this week was awesome.  We found a lot more people to teach.  We just need them to come to church!

Anywho, that’s all.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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May 19, 2014

Here is my real email.  I’m forcing myself to write.

We have gotten a ton of referrals this week.  The Spanish elders and sisters are finding a ton of people in our area.  It’s pretty cool.  We just have to go contact them now.  On Tuesday we taught some people we met last week.  They are super solid.  They picked June 21st as there baptism date!  Then on Wednesday we taught one of our member’s grandson.  His name is Max.  He’s only 10 years old but he is super excited to learn and wants to get baptized.  We taught him at the church after scouts.

On Thursday we had specialized training.  It was really good.  During it we went through the rejection gauntlet.  It was a tracting role play.  Everyone was supposed to very rudely reject us.  It was fun.  I quite enjoyed it.  After specialized training we went on exchanges!  I went with Elder Clay in Kaw Valley.  While there we went tracting with one of their recent converts that is thinking about going on a mission.  It was pretty fun.

On Friday we continued exchanges.  Not a lot happened though.  Elder Clay and I did do a lot of walking though.  After that we had Saturday.  Saturday was good.  We went to the Kaw Valley elders baptism.  Then we biked around and visited a couple people.

Sunday was a good day.  Church was awesome.  After church we walked to an appointment that ended up cancelling on us.  That wasn’t very cool.

Anyway this week was really good.  I just didn’t want to spend too much time emailing.  You got all of the highlights though.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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