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Mega District Meeting! – May 5, 2014

Hello Everyone!

This week was pretty good.  On P-Day we did P-day things.  Mostly basketball.  And a little sitting around.  It was fun.  Then on Tuesday we did some missionary work.  I actually forgot what we did Tuesday.  It was good though.  On Wednesday we had transfers!  But that didn’t mean anything to us.  So it was a regular day.  We did some weekly planning and then visited a couple of people.  We had a couple of good lessons.

On Thursday we had a mega district meeting!  It was our district and the other one here in Topeka.  It was a good meeting.  And I got to see Elder Howell!  He’s in Topeka now too.  After that we rode the bus a lot.  Not much happened on the bus that day though.  Friday was when the more exciting things started happening.  In the morning as we were riding our bikes somebody stopped us from behind to talk with us.  He said he got baptized in Kansas City seven years ago but hasn’t been going to church for a few years.  He wants to now though.  What makes it cooler is that he had just moved here a week before!  That was the coolest thing on Friday.  We spent the whole day riding around on our bikes talking to people.  Good thing it was only a little hot.

Saturday was really good too.  We did more talking to people.  On the bus and just out walking around.  We also ate lunch at a members.  They made grilled turkey.  It was the best turkey I have ever had in my life!  Super tasty.  Later in the day we had the adult session of stake conference.  It was really good.  Everything was about missionary work.  After the session, since we don’t have a car, we had President Bell drive us home.  We joked around with him during the drive.  It was funny.  Then on Sunday morning he picked us up for the regular session of stake conference.  It was really good too.

That’s about all I have to say for this week.  It might not sound like a lot happened, but we did talk with a lot of people.  Just regular old missionary stuff.  This next week should be awesome!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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Polynesians vs Missionaries – April 28, 2014

Hey Everybody!

This week was awesome! On Monday we did P-day things. We did a basketball game with some members. Polynesians versus missionaries. The missionaries won! It was fun. Then we taught somebody that the Spanish sisters referred to us. His name is Edwin. He’s pretty cool. Then on Tuesday, not a whole lot happened. We had district meeting and that was good. From there we went around without anything really happening. After dinner we went to the church. We were planning to meet an investigator there. Sadly he didn’t show up. But the Bobets from Kaw Valley showed up. Kathy was getting interviewed for baptism! So that was cool.

Wednesday was a little slower as well. We did some weekly planning. Then we did some bus riding. Then we taught Branden. It was a really good lesson. He’s doing awesome. Thursday was a pretty good day. We rode the bus some more. Talked to a couple people and stuff like that. Nothing too exciting or anything. Friday was awesome! We didn’t have too much to do. So we did a bunch of finding. For dinner we went to the gas station to get food. Then we ate at the park. After we ate we talked to a family that was fishing at the pond. We had a good conversation with them. We are planning to teach them this week now. They seem pretty interested.

Saturday was a really good day. It was a baptisms day! None in our ward. But we went to two that were in Kaw Valley. One of them was Kathy Bobet. It was cool to see her get baptized since I taught her in Kaw Valley. Another awesome thing I found out this week was that Emily in Guymon got baptized recently! So that’s cool too. The rest of the day Saturday was pretty slow. We were at the church for a lot of it to help set things up. Sunday was actually pretty slow too. It was a good day though. Church was good. And there was a really cool thunderstorm while we were there. It cleared up in the afternoon though.

That was about it for the week. We also found out about transfers today. Nothing is changing though.

Stay Classy!

Elder Tubbs

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