Baptism! – April 14, 2014

Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty cool and stuff.  We did P-day stuff on Monday and it was fun.  We played basketball as usual.  And we also played rugby!  It was super fun.  Monday night we visited Paula and finished teaching her a couple of things to get her ready for her baptism.

On Tuesday we had district meeting.  It was a good one.  After that we went around visiting some people.  We rode the bus a lot too, and taught people on it.  After dinner we went to visit Shihan at his dojo.  he was showing people how to do knife fights.  It was some cool stuff.  We are going to start teaching a guy who trains there too.

Wednesday was another really good day.  We walked around with Brother Elder Dickman a lot.  We had some good lessons while we were with him.  One was with a guy named Chris.  He’s in the military and he’s super solid.  He is planning on getting baptized in May!  Wednesday night Paula had her baptismal interview and passed!  And some other cool news that came on Wednesday is that Brother Elder Dickman with be returning to his mission in Tennessee on April 22nd.  That’s pretty cool.  But it also is sad because we can’t go on team ups with him after that.  It’s okay though I guess.

On Thursday things slowed down a little sadly.  We had fun though so it was ok.  That’s really about it.  Friday was better.  We talked with a bunch of people.  Some on the bus.  Some at the bus stop.  Good stuff.  We also taught Paula that night and pumped her up for her baptism.

Then on Saturday Paula got baptized!  It’s was awesome!  She was super happy.  It was a really good baptismal service.  We stayed after it for the Kaw Valley elders baptism too.  It was also good.  That was really all that happened that day.  But it was awesome!  I guess we did a little service for members that night too.

On Sunday it rained a ton!  It was awesome.  There was also a lot of thunder.  That was all after church though.  Church was really good.  Paula got confirmed and was still super happy.  And then during third hour we taught the young men about the apostasy and restoration.  And we made sure to talk about missionary work too.  Got to get them ready for it and stuff.

Anyway that was the week.  The weather turned crazy but it was fun.  This morning there was even a little snow on the ground.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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