Awesomeness and Epicness – April 21, 2014

Hey Everybody!

This week was epic!  All kinds of awesomeness and epicness happened.

P-day was very fun.  We played ultimate frisbee.  I dominated.  It was super fun.  Then we visited Paula Monday night.  On Tuesday not much happened.  I got my bike tuned up and now it’s easier to ride.  And then we taught Chris.  It was a good lesson.  He’s doing awesome.

Wednesday was when the awesomeness started to happen.  But first we had to help the sisters move some stuff to their new apartment.  After that we got a referral from the Colly Creek elders.  So we went and contacted him later.  It was easy because he lives only about three blocks from our apartment.  His name is Trent.  He’s way cool.

Thursday we had Zone Conference!  It was awesome!  That’s what we did the whole day until 6.  During Zone Conference we got a media referral.  So after dinner we went and contacted him.  He also only lives a few blocks from our apartment.  His name is Branden and he’s way cool too.  He’s in the Air National Guard.

The awesomeness continued on Friday.  We went in the morning to teach a referral that the sisters had for us.  His name is Randy.  It was a good lesson.  We invited him for baptism on May 17th!  From there we went to the Washburn University Campus.  We tried to pass out flyers for the “Because of Him” video.  President and the Assistants wanted us to spend a lot of time there doing that.  Sadly it didn’t work out as well was we were hoping.  Later we went over to Trent’s.  He grilled us some food.  Then we taught him and his wife.  And we invited them to be baptized on May 17th!

On Saturday we had more awesomeness and epicness and stuff.  We went in the morning to the ward Easter activity.  It was fun.  The food was really good.  And our investigators, Chris and Branden, went too.  Chris brought his kids and his room mate went too.  After the activity we went over to Trent’s for some service.  We helped clean up some branches in his yard.  And from there we went over to help Chris paint his house.  So we got to do a lot of service.  It was awesome.  Saturday night we went and taught Branden a super awesome lesson.  And then we invited him to be baptized on May 17th!

Sunday was another good day.  Things slowed down a little.  But it was Easter!  So it didn’t matter that a little less happened.  Before church we went with Brother Elder Dickman to his setting apart.  So he is now Elder Dickman again.  He’s currently on his way back to Tennessee.  Church was really good.  And after church we had an awesome Easter meal with the Jones.  But that’s really about it.

Anywho, this week was awesome!

Stay Classy!

Elder Tubbs

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