The Maryville Ward! – February 24, 2014

Hello Peoples who are Reading this!

This week was awesome!  Just like every other week.  Except this week was more awesome!  We started with P-day.  That was fun.  I played a little basketball and volleyball.  Then we had Tuesday.  We had district meeting on Tuesday.  It was really good.  We talked about changing things up whenever nothing is happening.  The rest of the day I don’t remember what happened.  It wasn’t a whole lot though.  We did  visit a recent convert at the end of the day though.  He lives at his dojo.  We call him Shihan.  Because that’s what he is.  It means “Teacher of Teachers”.  He’s a really cool guy.

Then on Wednesday, not a whole lot happened again.  First we did service at the food truck again.  It was pretty cool.  Then we went home and did a really long but really good weekly planning.  Then we visited Paula and Rick.  Thursday was another slower day.  I don’t remember much of it either at the moment.  And I don’t have my planner in front of me to remind me of what happened.  But anyway, then was Friday.  We tried to do a bunch of finding, but not much happened.  And for some reason I can’t remember much of it.  I need to not forget my planner again.

Saturday was a really good day though.  Mostly all we did was tract.  We don’t have a whole lot of stuff to do right now.  So we are pretty much just tracting trying to make more to do.  We gave out a few copies of the Book of Mormon this week and a bunch of pass along cards.  Stuff will start picking up before too long.  As for Sunday, we did more tracting after church.  Right before dinner we did some “Rich People Tracting”  Our dinner was in the nicer part of town so we tracted around there for about 30 minutes before it.  After dinner somebody gave us caramel apples and salmon!  They were members though.

Well that was last week.  Sorry for the lame short email.  I’ll write more next week.  Probably…

Wait!  It’s all coming back to me!  On Tuesday we took our car into the shop.  The breaks were grinding.  A day in the shop and $400 dollars later it was all fixed.  Except for the alignment might be off and one of our tires has a leak.  What do you expect from a 2011 Chevey Malibu though…  And on Friday we did a game night where our whole district got members and investigators together.  We played human battleship at the church.  It was fun.  Afterwards we had a midweek district meeting really quick.  Now I’m done.

As for this week, it’s already awesome!  The Gaukels emailed me and said that Maryville became a ward last Sunday!  That’s the most awesome thing of all awesome things in the history of awesome!  Also, they are getting ready to go to the temple!  This week will be great.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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