Temple Trip! – March 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This week was legit!  We got a ton of stuff done.  Everyone was still pumped from when Bednar visited the mission.  P-day was really fun.  We just played a ton of basketball.  After we ate dinner we visited a couple of people with Brother Elder Dickman.

On Tuesday we walked around a lot.  And we also talked to a bunch of people.  It was a really nice day so everyone was outside.  We talked to a couple that said we could teach them.  And then we referred them to other missionaries because they aren’t in our area.  We give out referrals a lot here.  It’s kind of cool.  We went on a team up with the stake president and his son Tuesday night.  We had some good visits with members.

Wednesday morning we had district meeting.  We did practice church tours.  It was fun.  Then we did exchanges with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Moyle and worked in the Colley Creek area.  Now I can say that I’ve done missionary work in every ward in Topeka.  It was a good day.  Elder Moyle and I talked about the good old Maryville days.  Elders McDaniel and Nerdin found more people to teach in our area.

Thursday things slowed down a little.  We did zoo service in the morning.  Then we walked around a ton again.  Less people were outside though.  We did teach a pretty good lesson with one of the investigators we found last week though.  Then we visited a recent convert and showed him familysearch.org.  His whole family who aren’t members ended up joining in.  It was awesome!

On Friday we walked a ton!!!  The most I’ve done in one day in a while.  Not too much happened sadly.  We just ended up walking all the way across our area trying people along the way.  Good thing this is the smallest area in the mission.  Friday night we went with Brother Skow and visited some members.  We went to visit Shihan at his dojo.  He is awesome.

Saturday was fun.  We went to the St. Patrick’s day parade!  Our whole district went along with the zone leaders.  We went around and talked with people during it.  Elder McDaniel and I didn’t get too much from it.  We did give out a bunch of mormon.org cards though.  The rest of the day was a little slower until after dinner.  We went on a team up with Brother Johnson to try a former investigator.  We met with him for a little bit and he said we could come back!

Sunday was another day full of walking.  Church was really good.  Just like normal.  After church we walked around and visited some people.  A lot of people were already gone because it’s spring break.  On Sunday the mic on our phone broke.  So nobody can hear us when we call them now unless we yell into the phone.  And even then, it’s really quiet.  So for now we have to stick with texting people until we get our phone fixed.

So that was the week.  It was fun.  And we walked a lot.  I’m pretty sure I was getting shin splints on Friday.  But it was worth it.  This week is transfers!  I’m staying here but Elder McDaniel is leaving.  I also get to go to the temple this week!  The Gaukels are going on Saturday!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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