My Exciting Week of Awesomeness – January 6, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Well this week was pretty fun.  We did stuff as usual.  On P-day nothing really exciting happened.  We don’t have too much to do here.  Maybe we should clear off the pool table.

On Tuesday we drove out to Oxford.  We saw just one person there.  Then Elder Johnson said he was feeling very sick.  So we quickly drove to Wellington and he rested at the church for about 2 hours.  After that we drove back to Argonia where he just slept the rest of the day.  I just sat around and listened to conference talks for about 5 hours.  Then it was time for me to go to sleep.

Then it was the new year!  And to start that off we sat in our apartment for the whole day.  Our cold, dark, basement apartment.  Elder Johnson was still sick.  We aren’t sure exactly why.  But since we were at the apartment he slept for most of the day and I listened to many more hours of conference talks.  So that’s how I spent the holidays this week.

Thursday was normal.  It was actually a very good day.  Elder Johnson was no longer dieing so we went to Belle Plaine for the majority of the day.  We visited a few people there and found a part member family that we are now going to start teaching.  Once we were done in Belle Plaine we returned to Argonia.  We ate with the Boese family for dinner.  Then we went to Richard’s and read the BoM with him.  He gets a lot out of it.  We are just trying to help him read it by himself more often.

We had zone training on Friday.  So we got a ride up to Wichita with Brother Maxwell.  The meeting was good.  We talked about the fundamentals of missionary work.  And the zone leaders even talked about Vince Lombardi which made it even better!  I also got to see Elder Howell at zone training.  He’s still crazy.  But that’s okay because it’s funny.  After zone training we went back to Wellington.  We didn’t have much time to work but we did get to see a couple of people.

On Saturday we we started by going to Anthony pretty early.  We helped a family move from in town to somewhere out of town.  The move went very smoothly.  We then tried to visit a few people in Anthony but nobody was available.  So we drove to Harper.  There we did see some people.  Mostly just members though.  There are a lot of less active members that we are working with in Harper.

On Sunday it was cold!  We woke up to a couple of inches of snow and a lot of wind.  I heard somebody say that it was zero degree wind chill.  It sure felt like it.  There weren’t very many people at church because the roads were a little slick.  It actually felt like being back in Guymon at church.  So since there weren’t many people there we only had sacrament meeting.  That’s okay though because that’s the best meeting.  We then braved the cold winds and visited a couple of people in Wellington.  It was a good day even though I was freezing.

So that was my exciting week of awesomeness.  And coldness.  I think the coldness is supposed to continue.  Hopefully the awesomeness does too.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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