Back to Topeka! – February 3, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This week was interesting.  I had fun though.  First was P-day!  It was fun.  We did the usual.  That’s about it.  Then on Tuesday we had second P-day.  It wasn’t so fun.  I had a root canal.  The rest of the day was spent listening to talks and recovering.

Wednesday was good.  We drove down to Caldwell and did some stuff there.  We taught John again.  It was a pretty good lesson.  We reviewed the Restoration and watched the Restoration DVD.  That was the most exciting thing that happened on Wednesday.

Thursday was a really good day.  We went to Anthony and Harper again as usual.  The scripture study class went really well.  The people that come really enjoy it.

On Friday we had zone training.  So, we went up to Wichita for most of the day.  The meeting was really good.  We talked a lot about being the best missionary we can and how we can help our investigators the best.  When we got back to Wellington we visited with a couple of members and taught one of our investigators the word of wisdom.  It was a pretty good day.

Saturday was another awesome day.  We went to Wellington for the day.  The first person we saw was a potential investigators.  Now he is an investigator.  He’s pretty solid too.  We talked to him about getting baptized.  He’s open to it but we didn’t set a date for him.  Next time though!  After that we had a conference call.  It was the end of training call.  So now Elder Johnson is officially done with his training.  We spent the rest of the day trying other people.  It wasn’t too exciting, but it was good.

Then was Sunday.  Church was good.  The testimonies were awesome.  That’s about it for church.  After church we went to Mayfield.  All that happened there was that we visited a member.  It was a good visit though.  Then we went to Milan.  It’s a really, really, really small town.  Really small.  We visited a potential investigator there.  That’s about it.  After that we went back to Argonia and ate dinner with the Brundages.

So, that was my week.  I typed this really quick because we found out about transfers and I have to pack.  I’m going back to Topeka!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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