40 inches of snow!? – February 10, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This week was fun!  First we had P-day!  I packed for a lot of P-day.  That’s about it.  Then we had Tuesday!  It snowed a lot Tuesday.  So we stayed in Argonia for the day.  I finished packing and we visited a few people in town.  Then came Wednesday!  The only thing that really happened on Wednesday was transfers.  We had to leave pretty early because we had to drive slow.  The roads were pretty icey.  We eventually got to Wichita for transfers though.  Since there was so much snow throughout the state, no Greyhounds were running.  So most of the people transfering had to just drive to Wichita.  So I ended up just driving back up to Topeka.

I am now in the Sherwood Ward in Topeka.  We share the same building as the Kaw Valley Ward though so I got to see some of the members on Sunday.  Not too much has happened yet.  There is about a foot of snow here and the roads haven’t been cleared very well.  It’s pretty fun.  Somebody said that we are supposed to get like 40 inches of snow this month.  I’m pretty excited for that!

My new companion is Elder McDaniel.  He’s from Texas.  He has been out for about 6 months but this actually isn’t his mission.  He is waiting for his visa to go to Brazil.  So he could leave at any time!  That will be fun when that happens.  He’s only been in the area for three weeks himself.

The zone is way bigger now than when I was here a year ago.  We double cover the ward with sisters.  And there are a bunch of other wards that are double covered too.  It’s fun with all the missionaries though.  Anyway that’s my short email.  Emails are crazy with all the missionaries here now.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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