Zebra Mask – October 14, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This week was great!  And very restful because Elder Howell is only allowed to work for two hours a day while he recovers.  So, I did a lot of reading and some sleeping of my own this week.  So, if you wanted to know what Elder Howell is sick with it’s mono!  Yep, mono.  He’s had it for a few months now I guess and just found out last week.  He has always been worn out.  Which is pretty much all it does to him.

Anyway, P-day was a good day.  We broke into our car!  That’s because Elder Wilde thought he locked them in there.  So, we spent an hour using hangers until we finally got in.  The funny part is that they weren’t in there.  They were in the apartment underneath a pillow on the couch.  So, breaking into our car turned out to just be a random P-day activity.  It was pretty fun actually.  After that Elder Howell and I went to the thrift store.  He bought a zebra mask for three dollars.  It’s awesome.  We started driving around town while he waved at people with it on.  Some guy in a squirrel suit waved back and somebody took a picture.  It was fun.

On Tuesday Elder Howell slept for a while.  And I read the Bible.  Then we went out and visited a few people.  Later in the day Dean took us to watch a firefighter training.  They set a building on fire and put it out multiple times.  We also got free hot dogs out of it!

Then on Wednesday Elder Howell slept for a while.  And I read stuff.  Mostly the Bible.  And then we visited a few people.  It was good. 

Thursday started the same.  And then we saw some people.  At one point we stopped by the fire station to say hi to Dean.  We got there just in time because he let us ride in Guymon’s first firetruck.  It’s from 1920 and still runs great.  On the way back we talked to some of the other firefighters about our mission.  It was awesome.

Friday we had district meeting.  It was really good.  We talked about how to teach and what it takes to be a successfull missionary.  After the meeting Elder Wilde held a competition to give away one of his ties.  We did standing long jump.  And now I am the district standing long jump champion!  The tie I won is pretty sweet.  Later in the day we saw more people.  There isn’t much to report though.  Not much happens when you only get to do two or three hours of work a day.

Saturday was a very boring day.  We didn’t have the car because the other Elders had to go to Garden City.  And our helmets were in the car.  So, we walked.  And we weren’t successful in getting anything done.  We had fun walking through a few alleys though.

On Sunday we had church!  It was good.  Especially because we had a few less actives there.  Hopefully they keep coming.  After church we ate lunch at the Duffy’s.  Then we went home and Elder Howell crashed on his bed.  So, I read in the Bible.  It was pretty good.

Well, that’s about it.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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