November 11, 2013

Hey Everyone! 

This week was great!  We got a lot of good things done and had fun.  There was even some more pyrotechnics.  We didn’t burn down the apartment though.

First was Monday.  Which was zone conference and I talked about that last email.  I’ll say it was good again though.  Tuesday was P-day.  I don’t even remember what we did.  I’m pretty sure we just sat around.  It was fun though.

On Wednesday we had a bunch of awesome plans.  Sadly they almost all fell through.  It was a slow day.  The youth activity was awesome though.  We played soccer.  There was a ton of people there including some less active members that haven’t been to church in a few months.  It was probably the best youth activity I’ve been to here.

Thursday was a really good day.  We went on a team up with Bro. Delgado.  He took us to lunch then stayed with us for most of the day.  We had two really good lessons with him.  One was with Reagan.  We talked about prayer mostly.  She is making good progress.  We also taught the other elders recent convert with him. 

Friday was another slightly slower day.  A lot of people weren’t home.  We taught a few people though.  It was still a good day.

Saturday was awesome.  We started off with service.  We went to the methodist church and helped set up tables for an event they were having.  It was really good.  We talked with a bunch of people while we were there.  They also fed us lunch which was nice.  After that we had a end of training conference call.  Elder Howell has graduated!  The rest of the day we spent teaching a bunch of people.  At the end of the day, about 7:30, I found out that I was giving a talk in church the next day.  That was fun.

Sunday was the best!  We had church and there were 52 people there!  AndE mily was there!  And I gave my talk and lived!  It was about the atonement.  I was told it was pretty good.  After church we went back to the methodist church for lunch again.  Then we helped take down the tables.  We taught both Reagan and Emily after church.  It was a good lesson.  Emily reads everything we give her and understands it perfectly.  We put her on date for November 30th!  She is super solid.

That was pretty much how the week went.  On Sunday night we made more fire.  It was in the other elders fireplace this time.  Elder Wilde is done with his mission so he was burning a bunch of his junk.  We didn’t use a single piece of wood for that fire.  It was hilarious.

Also on Sunday night we got transfer calls.  I’m staying here!  But, Elder Howell is leaving.  He’s a little bummed because he likes it here.  That will happen on Wednesday.

That’s about it.  Now it’s P-day.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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