Merry Christmas – December 23, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This week has been good.  And a little interesting.  It was transfer week.  So on P-day I mostly just packed.  We also had two dinners on P-day.  That’s always fun.  It was very tastey food.

On Tuesday I did more packing and getting everything ready for me to leave.  At one point we helped Consuelo wrap a bunch of presents that she was donating somewhere.  We also had a pretty good lesson with Reagan.  Then we had dinner at the Duffy’s.  And that was the last thing I did in Guymon.

Wednesday was a long day.  I got up at 4:30 and Elder Rugama and I drove to Garden City.  From there we took a bus to Wichita.  It was a long ride.  We made it to Wichita at about 12:30.  Then we were picked up by the assistants and taken to the mission office.  There I met my new companion Elder Johnson.  He has only been out five weeks but he’s a great missionary.  We left Wichita and arrived at our apartment at 3:00.  The rest of the day Wednesday we spent planning.

We actually don’t live in Wellington but about 25 miles away in Argonia.  I thought Guymon was small but Argonia is way smaller.  It’s a nice town though.  We live in the mayors basement actually.  And somehow we lucked out and have a pool table in the apartment for P-days.  So, I may be doing that later today.

Thursday was my first day of working here.  Since the area is so big we have to drive around a lot.  We spent half of the day in Wellington and the second half of the day farther in Belle Plaine.  Not too much happened.  We were just trying to get me to meet the people here.

On Friday we had district meeting.  We got a ride up to Wichita so we didn’t have to use up more of our miles.  The meeting was good.  After we got back to Wellington we stayed there and tried to visit a bunch of people.

Saturday was an adventure.  When we left the apartment there was freezing rain.  There was about a quarter inch of ice on the car.  But, we drove out to Belle Plaine anyway.  We worked there for half the day and then got the message that we were supposed to park the cars and walk.  But, we had to drive back to Argonia before we did that.  Once we got about 10 miles away the windshield started freezing up.  It made it pretty hard to see.  We made it back in one piece though.  We got back just in time to eat dinner.  In the time it took us to eat it snowed about 4 inches out of a total 6.  For the rest of the night we walked around Argonia in the snow.  It was quite fun.

Because of the storm church was cancelled on Sunday.  So we just stayed in Argonia the whole day and walked around.  We met some of the people in town but nothing too exciting happend.  It was a good day though.

Well that was my week.  It was quite adventurous.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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