Goodbye to Guymon – December 16, 2013

Hey Yall!

This week was pretty good.  And a little crazy.  But still good.  P-day was fun.  We kind of just sat around.  It was an average P-day.  That’s about it for P-day.

Tuesday was kind of a slow day.  We walked around a lot and visited with a few people.  We did get to meet with Reagan.  She asked us a lot of questions again.  But, we answered them quickly and then taught her a lesson.

Then it was Wednesday!  Almost nothing happened on Wednesday.  We did weekly planning so that’s good.  Then we did a bunch of walking around again.  Later in the day we went over to the McFadden’s and did a little service.  Then they fed us some delicious food.  It was fun.

On Thursday we had the zone leaders in town!  They came down for exchanges.  Elder Sweeten went with us and Elder Turner went with the other Elders.  We tried a bunch of people, but a lot weren’t home.  So, we did a little tracting.  Then we met with Emily.  She is still working on getting baptized.  Her parents are just really busy.  But, its good that they want to come.

We woke up early on Friday.  We had to drive up to Garden City for interviews.  And there was also a missionary Christmas party!  It was quite fun.  We all wore ugly sweaters for the ugly sweater contest.  Elder Sweeten won with his grandma sweater.  In my interview President leaked transfer info to me and said I was being transfered.  So, I had a little extra time to get ready.  He also said that they were putting sisters down here in Guymon.  We were in Garden City the whole day so that’s all that happened.  Well, there was also a big tie trade.  That was pretty fun.  I got some cool new ties.

On Saturday I got a call in the morning from the Assistants.  They told me I had been called to follow up train.  So, I had to get on a conference call and they talked all about training missionaries.  After that we all met with Emily again.  We just talked about baptism stuff.  Still working on that.  Sadly I wont be here for it, but that’s not whats important.  After that we went to the McFadden’s so I could tell them I was leaving.  While there they gave us a ride on “The Zombie Stomper”.  Their awesome travel bus.  They were heading to the parade.  Right before they let Reagan ended up showing up.  Apparently she was going to the parade with them.  So, we went and watched the parade too while we visited with Reagan.  It was a pretty nice 20 minute or so parade.  And I got a little candy thrown to me!  That made it even better!

Sunday was a good day.  We had church!  The talks were all good.  And for the second two hours we had a cool family history thing.  They talked about family history and stuff if you want to know.  After church there was a pot luck.  Many delicious food stuffs were to be had there.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Then we spent the rest of the day walking around. We only saw a few people though.

So, that was my week.  I just found out this morning that I’m getting transfered to Wellington, KS.  It looks to be about an hour south of Wichita.  Should be pretty fun.  I’ll miss Guymon though.  It is the promised land after all.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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