Frankentie – November 5, 2013

Hey Everyone! 

Zone Conference was yesterday so that’s why I’m emailing today.  Anyway, I will get to that more later.  This week was super amazing!  All kinds of good stuff happened.

First we did P-day.  It was pretty fun.  We got some cheep RC cars and custumized them.  Then we did some bumper cars with them.  It was a good P-day activity.

Tuesday was kind of a slow day.  Nothing really happened.  I actually don’t really remember much about Tuesday.  Except for not very many people were home.  Wednesday was kind of the same.  We visited a bunch of members and got a ton of referrals though.  So that’s good.  Also on Wednesday was the branch Halloween party.  It was fun.  There was a pumpkin carving contest.  I was on a team with one of the youth.  We got the peoples choice award.  It was the best.

Thursday was Halloween!  I wore my Frankentie. It’s ugly…  But, super awesome!  Thursday was a really good day.  The first half was slow.  Later in the day we went to the McFadden’s for dinner.  They had a small little family Halloween party.  One of their friends was also there.  While we were there we started teaching their friend’s daughters.  And we set up a time to teach her more the next day.  After we ate we went to the apartment because we had to.  We started a fire in our fireplace and roasted marshmallows.  I wore my firefighter pants so I could feel like I was wearing a cotume.  Then I put on a fake moustache and a red hat I have and I ended up looking like Mario.  It was great!

Friday was super awesome.  not much happened in the morning.  The first real thing that happened was when we taught Reagan (the person we met at the McFadden’s).  She brought her friend Emily and we taught them the Restoration.  It was super awesome.  That was really the coolest thing of the day. 

The other Elders had a baptism on Saturday.  So we started with that.  We invited Emily and Reagan and they both came!  It was a great service.  Afterwards, Emily told us that she wanted to meet with us again the next day!

The next day we had church with almost 50 people there.  It was good.  The branch is having some nice growth.  Then we went and taught Emily.  She told us that she hasn’t felt close to Christ in her church recently but that she really did at the baptism.  Then she said she wants to keep learning more!  So we taught her the Plan of Salvation!  It was awesome.

On Monday we didn’t have P-day.  We had zone conference!  We drove the two hours to Dodge City for it.  Elder Nash of the Seventy was there.  It was a really good conference.  We talked a ton about being confident missionaries.  I learned a lot of stuff.  We just talked about all kinds of things.  That took pretty much all of the day.

That was my week.  It was super awesome!

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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