Cold! – November 25, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This week was great!  It was also cold.  Winter decided to show up.  Anyway, P-day was pretty good.  We really just sat around.  It was nice though.  Then on Tuesday we did missionary things!  It actually wasn’t too eventful for the first half of the day.  We went on a team up with Brother Delgado later in the day.  We taught Reagan first with him.  Then we taught Emily.  She is ready for baptism this Saturday!

Wednesday was another pretty slow day.  First we did weekly planning.  That’s always good.  Then we tried a bunch of people, but most of them were either gone or busy.  So, not a lot happened.  We went to the youth activity which was pretty fun.  We talked about Thanksgiving and played basketball.  Good combination.

Thursday was when it got really cold.  I was wearing short sleeve shirts until Thursday.  We started with service at Loaves and Fishes.  It was pretty good.  They weren’t too busy though.  After that we did service at a members house.  We cleaned some rocks out of their yard.  After that we started with the missionary stuff.  Again we were only able to see a few people.  They were good visits though.

On Friday it snowed!  Almost all day too.  We were also driving for about 5 hours that day.  At 8 in the morning we started driving to Garden City for a meeting.  Because the roads were bad we had to drive about 40 mph on the highway.  It took us 3 hours to drive what normally takes a little under 2.  We arrived without dying though.  The meeting was really good.  President Bell and the assistants did some trainings.  I learned a lot.  After the meeting we drove back and it only took 2 hours!  The roads were more clear so we could go faster.  Once we got back we had dinner at the McFadden’s.  It was delicious.

We had another slow day on Saturday.  Because of the snow a lot of people were home.  So we did some tracting.  Not too much came from it, but it was still good.  Other than that not much happened.  We did double dinner though so that was fun!  First we went to a members home.  We had a delicious meal there.  Then we went to the McFadden’s.  They were having their early Thanksgiving dinner.  They invited us so we were there!  It was a lot of food and it was super delicious.

Then we had Sunday.  Church was really good.  Because of all the snow there weren’t too many people there.  Everyone that lives farther away didn’t come.  They even skipped second hour classes because there weren’t enough people.  So we only had 2 hours of church.  It was still really good.  I gave a talk again.  This time it was about gratitude.  They gave me half a week to prepare this time though.  All four of the missionaries spoke.  Elder Rugama gave his talk right before me and went over on time.  So I was able shorten mine.  After church we visited a few people and knocked on a couple of doors.  We had dinner at Erin and Vernon’s which was awesome.  Then we helped Vernon with his derby car.  And we played with their great dane Captain a little too.

Well, that’s how my week went.  It was awesome!  And cold.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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