Christmas lights – December 9, 2013

Hey Everyone,

So this week was pretty crazy.  It was good overall though.  But, because of the crazyness not very much happened.  It was also super cold this week.  And we didn’t even get hardly any snow.  I was very disapointed.

P-day was really fun.  We did the usual things.  Then we went over to the McFaddens and helped them put Christmas lights up.  It was fun.They fed us dinner afterwards.

On Tuesday we did more service.  Or at least that’s what my planner says.  I don’t remember that for some reason though.  We also visited a few people.  I do remember that.  A lot of the people we tried on Tuesday weren’t home.  It seems like a lot of people are out of town right now. 

Wednesday was about the same as Tuesday.  Nobody was home.  And on top of that I had a toothache.  In fact it felt like my face was falling off.  It wasn’t fun, but I dealt with it.  Aside from nobody being home we also had the youth activity on Wednesday.  We set up the Christmas tree at the church.  It was fun.  Then I proceeded to try to sleep with my toothache and was very unsuccessful.

On Thursday my tooth still hurt.  And it felt like my head was imploding.  And my face was super swollen too.  But, I was determined to work.  So we started by going to Loaves and Fishes for service.  About 15 minutes after we got there I decided I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and wanted to go to a dentist.  So, I called the mission nurse and eventually got everything set up.  Then we went on an adventure to a dentist in Liberal.  The dentist told me that the nerve in my tooth had died and gotten infected.  So, he gave me something to kill the infection.  Which it has, and its very nice.  I am going to have to go back on the 27th for a root canal though.  So that will be fun.  The rest of the day I spent recovering.  Luckily the medicine the dentist gave me worked fast and most of the pain was gone by the end of the day.

Friday was a good day.  We started by going to Liberal again!  This time it was a for a much more enjoyable reason.  We had zone training.  It was a good one.  We talked about effective planning.  At one point they played a fake message from President Bell.  In it he said that everyone’s mission would be shortened by six months.  They used it to motivate everyone to work their hardest.  After zone training we went back to Guymon and did more recovering for the sickly people.  Luckily I was fine.  I only had a slightly swollen face at that point.  The few people we did try were once again not home.

Saturday was normal!  It was great. We were able to visit some people and have good lessons with them.  It felt great to get back to regular work.  There were still a lot of people gone for some reason though.  Must be that holiday season stuff or something.

We had a pretty good Sunday.  Well, I guess only because of church.  It was awesome as usual.  But, we were again plaged with non-answered doors.  So, it was slow.  We did get to watch the Christmas Devotional though.  That was epic.  The talks were all really good.

Anywho, that was my crazy week.  One of the craziest I’ve had.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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