September 9, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This was a pretty good week.  Not too much happend though.  First we had P-day.  It was a lot like the P-days I had in Maryville.  There wasn’t much to do, but we still had fun.  We played board games a lot.
On Tuesday everyone was sick.  Everyone but me that is.  So we kind of just sat around.  It was relaxing.  Especially because I wasn’t sick.  Wednesday nobody was sick.  Nothing exciting happend though.  We just tracted pretty much.  That and ate popcorn at the youth activity.  A lot of popcorn.  Thursday was also pretty much just tracting.  It wasn’t very exciting because no dogs followed us.
On Friday we had interviews in Dodge City.  It was a two hour drive.  The interviews and trainings were good.  We were gone for most of the day though.  So, we didn’t really get anything done.  It was a fun day though.  I got to see President and hes cool.
Saturday was a really good day.  First Elder Howell did language study with the other Elders.  He got permission from president to learn spanish.  After that we started riding our bikes around in the hot weather.  It was fun.  We only saw a couple of people.  One was a guy at a skate park.  Elder Howell wanted to go talk to him so we did.  We gave him a BoM.  He doesn’t live here though.  It was still good to talk to him.
On Sunday I gave a talk.  I did it on the Book of Mormon.  I thought it went pretty well.  But that’s just me.  After that we had some delicious taco salad at the Duffy’s.  Then we did service and had hamburgers with another family.  I got to demolish a concreate slab with a sledgehammer.  It was awesome!
Anyway, that was my week.  It was a little slow at first.  But it was still fun as usual.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs

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