Guymon! – August 26, 2013

Hey Everyone,


This has been an awesome week.  It’s been a little crazy too.  First we had P-day.  It was fun.  We went bowling and played a little volleyball too.  It was fun.  We also got our transfer emails.  That’s when I found out that I was going to no mans land.  It was a good last P-day in Topeka.


On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  I had to say goodbye to all the animals.  I also got to plant more grass from africa.  It was fun.  The rest of Tuesday was packing day!  That’s about it.  Wednesday was transfers.  We left Topeka at about 8am and went to Emporia.  There I got on the transfer bus.  We stopped in Salina and Great Bend.  Then went to Dodge City.  That’s where I got off.  I rode with the Guymon spanish elders the rest of the way to Guymon.  Overall I was on the road for about 12 hours.  Good thing I had 2 pounds of sweedish fish to keep me company.


Guymon is a pretty small town.  It’s only about 3 miles wide.  Also, it’s dry.  I’m no longer in the humidity I thought I would be in for my whole mission.  That’s ok though because I’m used to the dry.  The only thing I don’t like is all the bugs.  There are a ton here and they are pretty big.  We killed a gigantic spider our first day right outside of our apartment.  I don’t mess around when it comes to spiders near my apartment.


My companion is Elder Howell.  He’s from Meridan, Idaho.  He’s only 18!  That makes me feel like and old fart in the mission.  He’s a funny guy.  We get along well.  The training is going well.  Hopefully I don’t ruin him.  That would make President think twice before having me train again.


On Thursday we did studies for three hours!  I haven’t done that since I was trained.  Then we did weekly planning.  It was tough because we currently have no investigators.  We’ll just have to go find some.  Later in the day there was a baptism.  It was one of the members kids.  I had to give a talk on baptism.  So, I just winged it.  It was a good meeting after that.  Afterwards there was ice cream and cake!


Friday we went out with the spanish elders for a little.  They helped us to get to know some of the members.  Then we went on splits with them.  It was pretty fun.  The spanish elders are hilarious.  There names are Elder Garnett and Rugama.  On Saturday we went with the spanish elders for a little again.  We did service with them this time.  Then Elder Howell and I started tracting.  Sadly nobody was home though.  They were too busy doing fun things since it was Saturday evening.


Sunday was awesome.  We had church.  Our church building is only 10 sq ft according to Elder Garnett.  But I think it’s at least 15.  Either way it’s really small.  There was 35 people at church, which is the average.  The meetings were great though.  The members are awesome.  Being here reminds me of how much I love the branch in Maryville.  We had two member meals on Sunday.  We had lunch with the Branch Presdients family and then dinner with another family.  For dinner we roasted hotdogs and made smores.  It was fun.


So, that was the week.  It was fun.  And today is P-day!


Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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