August 5, 2013

Hey Everyone,


This week was awesome!  We got a lot done.  Fisrt we had P-day.  We went bowling and I dominated!  Then we played volleyball and basketball.  And I conquered!  Then P-day was over.  So, I had to go conquer at missionary work.


Tuesday was zoo day again.  It was super humid outside too.  We did a bunch of digging.  Two hours of it.  In the humidity.  It was fun, but I got worn out.  After the zoo we did our normal missionary things.  Wednesday was the same with the missionary things.  At the end of the day we saw the Bobets.  They are still awesome.  We invited them to our baptism on Saturday.


On Thursday we drove down to Emporia for district meeting.  It was good.  After we went to Ihop for lunch and I had chicken and waffles!  It was delicious.  Then we exchanged.  I stayed down in Emporia with Elder Wilson.  We had a good time doing missionary things.  We also helped somebody move.


Friday we started by driving back to Topeka.  When we got back we had lunch.  Then we proceeded to do missionary things.  It was fun.  But, not as fun as Saturday.  We had a baptism on Saturday!  Leo got baptized.  It was very awesome.  I had the privilege of being the one to baptize him.  Elder Allen conducted the meeting.  What made it more awesome was that the Bobets were there and Dameon.  They are all awesome and they loved it.  So, yeah the baptism was awesome.  The refreshments afterwards where pretty cool too.


On Sunday we had church.  And Leo was confirmed!  It was a good confirmation.  Bro. Budge, the Nickel’s home teacher, did the confirmation.  The rest of church was good too.  Just like usual.  After church we did some normal missionary stuff.  Then we decided to make a surprise visit to the Bobets.  They were very happy to see us.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie (the long one) with them.  They also fed us dinner because we didn’t have one.  Kathy is still excited about everything and is working toward being baptized.


Anyway, that was my week.  Now for another awesome one.  First, I will conquer P-day!


Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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