August 12, 2013

Hey Everyone,


This week was pretty good.  First was P-day!  It was very fun.  We played basketball and such.  That’s about it.  Then on Tuesday we did service for pretty much the whole day.  We started at the zoo!  We went into the bear exhibit to trim bushes.  The bears weren’t in there so we didn’t have to avoid them.  But I did catch a frog!  After the zoo and lunch we went to the church to help with the food truck.  That was pretty fun.  I didn’t get to catch any frogs or hold any alligators though.


On Wednesday we had to get up early.  It wasn’t very fun.  But, we had zone conference and that was fun.  I got to sleep on the car ride there anyway.  It was in Manhattan.  Manhattan, KS that is.  That went for most of the day and we didn’t get back until about six.  So, nothing really happened other than that.


Thursday and Friday were normal days. Sadly nothing really got done though.  Most of the people we usually visit were busy.  So, then we were on to Saturday.  Saturday the sme thing happened.  We went on team ups with our ward mission leader.  A bunch of people fell through so, we had to go tracting.  Good thing he wanted to go tracting with us.


Sunday was good too.  It was church day!  The Bobets were there again.  But, they had to leave early.  And we didn’t get to teach them last week.  But, we will this week.  They are doing great.


That was my week.  Nothing too exciting for half of it.  This week will be better bacause it’s our car week!


Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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