Kansas Wichita Mission!

Hey Everyone,
I am now officialy in the Kansas Wichita Mission!  That change was as of today.  It feels weird.  Just kidding, I only feel like things are a lot more flat in my mission now.  I won’t be able to go to Missouri for the rest of my mission.  We were driven out after we went to the Temple last week.  Driven out by a big bus.
Anyway, this last week was good.  On Monday we did P-day.  We played an italian card game!  It was fun.  Other than that we just did our normal shenanigans associated with P-day.
Tuesday was good too.  We did service at the zoo!  In the rain!  I quite enjoyed it.  Later in the day we taught Bro. Nickel.  He already knows most of what we teach because he’s been around the church so long.  After the lesson we set him on a baptismal date for July 27th!  It’s pretty sweet.  On Wednesday we had district meeting.  It was a good one.  Afterwards we walked home.  The full six miles.  And it was at least 95 degrees outside.  It wasn’t very fun.  But, part way through somebody stopped and gave us five dollars to buy drinks.  So later in the walk we went to Dillons and bought Gatorade.  While we were there we talked to somebody who had been taught by missionaries in Arizona.  We had a nice discussion and exchanged numbers after.  So walking six miles in hot weather can be good.
On Thursday we did our normal missionary things and stuffs.  We also did weekly planning.  Later in the day, after dinner, we went out on team ups with a member.  We didn’t end up being able to see anyone.  But, we did get to have fun watching the weather turn all crazy on us.  The sky looked pretty cool.  It turned greenish yellow right after we got dropped off at the apartment.  That’s what the sky supposedly looks like right before tornadoes form.  But, we just had a nice thunderstorm.
On both Friday and Saturday we just did tracting.  That’s all we had to do so we did a lot of it.  We helped somebody move on Friday while we were out tracting.  Other than that nothing too exciting happened.
We then had Sunday.  And on the Sunday we had church.  The meetings thereof being exceedingly great.  The ward mission leader gave an awesome talk on missionary work.  We’re trying to get all the members pumped for missionary work.  I think it’s working.
Well, that’s about it for this week.  It was fun and there was a bunch of bi-polar weather.  I’m going to go enjoy my P-day now.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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