July 8, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This was a good week.  It was the first official week in the Kansas Wichita Mission!  Nothing is too different from that change.  Anyway the week started of with P-day.  It was fun.  We did our usual P-day things and such.  After P-day we had Tuesday!  Tuesday was also fun.  We started off by going to the zoo!  We did a bunch of tree trimming.  When we got done we were walking by the orangutan exhibit and one of the ran up to the fence and spit at us!  It was pretty funny.  After the zoo we played chauffeur and drove missionaries all over the place.  Then we did missionary things.
Wednesday was tracting day!  That’s just about it.  Nothing very exciting happend.  But, we had fun.  Thursday was Independence Day!  We got to see about 10 fireworks too.  They were mostly hidden behind the trees by our apartment though.
Friday and Saturday we literally pretty much just tracted the whole day with a short visit here and there.  It was fun though.  We have good times tracting.  On Sunday we had church.  We had a really good testimony meeting.  After church was more tracting and that’s about it.
Today we got transfer emails!  That’s something new in this mission instead of transfer calls.  I’m still staying here, but now Elder Tolliver is leaving.  He’s going to the middle of nowhere Kansas.  But, at least that means he will be full time car.  I’ll talk about my new companion next week.
Now for some awesome P-day fun!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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