July 15, 2013

Hey Everyone,
Transfers!!!!  Yep, it was transfer week.  But, lets start at the begining of the week.  It was P-day.  And it was fun.  We did P-day things.  That’s about it.  After P-day we had second P-day!  Which was packing day.  Elder Tolliver was packing for transfers for most of the day.  We did still go to the zoo for service though.  So, that was fun.
On Wednesday we had transfers.  We got a ride down to Emporia and got there at nine.  Elder Tolliver then joined the transfer caravan while I waited in Emporia until seven for my new companion to show up.  I wasn’t just sitting around twiddling my thumbs though.  I went out in a tripod and did missionary work!  We got to walk around for a few hours in 100 degree weather.  We got four referrals for the Emporia elders though.  By the time my companion showed up I was extremely tired.
My new companion is Elder Allen.  He is from Tooele, Utah.  He’s been out for about 14 months.  We get along well and have fun.  That’s about all I feel worth mentioning right now.  Well, actually I guess I will mention that he was born in Topeka.  So, that’s pretty cool!  Some of the members even remember his family.  He only lived here for about four years though.
After Wednesday we had Thursday.  Not too much happend.  We went to Walmart so Elder Allen would have food.  Then we did weekly planning.  That’s about it.  We set up a few apointments for next week too.
Then came Friday.  We had zone training Friday.  It was good.  Half of our zone is new, so there were a lot of unfamiliar faces.  We even have some from the Colorado Springs Mission here now.  We talked mostly about being united now with the mission split.
After zone training we visited a few people.  But, not too much happened.  The same with Saturday too.  We saw a few people.  We were on foot though.  Elder Allen can’t remember where his bike helmet is.  He might have to get a new one or we wont be able to ride our bikes.  Good thing this is our car week.
On Sunday we had chruch!  It was really good.  We got a new bishop finally too.  I totally knew who it was going to be.  After church we didn’t get anything done.  It was just one of those days.  We had fun though.  That’s always important.  This next week should be really good too.  We set up a bunch of appointments already.
Well, now it’s P-day.  Time to go do stuff and other shenanigans.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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