Hey Everyone,
We had another great week.  Everything is going very nicely here in Topeka.
This last week started with P-day, as usual.  It was a great P-day.  We did disc golf again.  I’m getting pretty good.  I had a lot of fun.  After disc golf we got some ice cream!  It was delicious.  After P-day we had the rest of Monday.
After Monday was Tuesday.  We went to the zoo!  We planted grass from Africa again.  And I wrestled an alligator again!  It was a bigger one too.  After we finished with the zoo we did some things.  Missionary things that is.
On Wednesday we also did missionary things.  But, we also did missionary stuff.  Weekly planning was one of those stuffs.
Thursday was a good day.  We started off with district meeting.  It was good.  After district meeting we had lunch.  And after that somebody just walked up to us and asked us to visit them sometime.  But, they live out of our area so some other missionaries will.  Later in the day we went to visit the Bobet family.  The part member family that just randomly showed up to church last week and wasn’t on the ward roster.  We had an awesome lesson with them.  We set Kathy with a baptismal date for August 24th!  She is super prepared.
Friday was a boring day.  But, we had fun.  Not too much happened though.  Nothing really worth mentioning at least.
On Saturday we went to the church for the Pioneer Day activity.  It was cool.  But there were no fireworks.  We had food though.  There was supposed to be more people bringing stew, but we only ended up with one pot.  So we just had a bunch of corn on the cob and dessert.  I’m sure the pioneers would have been happy with it!
Sunday was church day!  So, we had church.  It was good.  The talks were about pioneers and they were good.  After church we went to go see the Bobets.  They didn’t make it to church because they were up late with there baby.  It is only two weeks old though, so I don’t blame them.  They were very happy that we came over.  We talked to them about baptism.  Kathy is very excited.
So that was my week.  It was good.  Now I get to have another good week.  It will be better though because Leo’s baptism is this Saturday!  It’s going to be sweet!
Anyway, I’m done.  Time to go enjoy my P-day!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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  2. Geoff Tubbs Family

    Thanks for all you are doing to bring more souls to Christ! We are so proud of you, Elder!

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