Awesometastic – June 24, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This week was awesometastic!  First was P-day.  It was kind of a half P-day.  We did our normal things, then went to the church for a little bit.  At 4:00 President Keyes and the assistants showed up with some big vans.  We loaded up and started our drive down to Wichita.  I got to be in President Keyes’ van.  It was really fun.  We stayed the night at the Derby zone leaders house.  On Tuesday we went the the Derby stake center, which is where our new mission office will be.  And we had a short meeting.  I got to see Elder Moyle there.  He had his squirrel tie too.  Then we went and toured the new mission home.  After that we loaded up into buses and went up to Kansas City to the temple!
The temple was really awesome.  There was about 100 missionaries in there, it was sweet.  After the temple we went to the Liberty stake center, which was right next door, for another meeting.  It was good.  After the meeting we loaded back onto the buses and went back to Topeka.  It was kind of like vacation.  Lots of driving, but still really fun.
Then we had Wednesday.  It was pretty normal.  Nothing too exciting to report.  On Thurday we exchanged with the zone leaders.  They are both spanish speaking.  I was still in my area with Elder Blake.  I’ve actually been in his same zone for all but one transfer of my mission.  We found two new spanish investigators while I was with him.  And I’ve really never ran into anyone who could only speak spanish here until then.  I got to sit there and nod my head while he taught the whole restoration in spanish.  I’m pretty sure it went well.
Friday was another normal day.  I was still with Elder Blake for the first half.  We did some tracting and taught some people.  It was a bunch of fun.  Saturday was just like Wednesday.  Nothing too special just teaching people the gosple.  Mostly through tracting.  Later in the day we went to a recent converts house to help them paint though.  I got paint on my clothes, just like I used to always do!  It was fun and they fed us pizza afterwards.
Sunday was amazing.  In the morning we had church.  In the afternoon we taught people.  In the evening we had an awesome missionary broadcast.  I was excited this whole week for the broadcast and I wasn’t disapointed.  Missionary work is changing a ton.
Anyway, that was my week.  It was awesome.  Now I have P-day for more awesomeness.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
Spencer Mission 07142013 178
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