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Hey Everyone,
We had another great week.  Everything is going very nicely here in Topeka.
This last week started with P-day, as usual.  It was a great P-day.  We did disc golf again.  I’m getting pretty good.  I had a lot of fun.  After disc golf we got some ice cream!  It was delicious.  After P-day we had the rest of Monday.
After Monday was Tuesday.  We went to the zoo!  We planted grass from Africa again.  And I wrestled an alligator again!  It was a bigger one too.  After we finished with the zoo we did some things.  Missionary things that is.
On Wednesday we also did missionary things.  But, we also did missionary stuff.  Weekly planning was one of those stuffs.
Thursday was a good day.  We started off with district meeting.  It was good.  After district meeting we had lunch.  And after that somebody just walked up to us and asked us to visit them sometime.  But, they live out of our area so some other missionaries will.  Later in the day we went to visit the Bobet family.  The part member family that just randomly showed up to church last week and wasn’t on the ward roster.  We had an awesome lesson with them.  We set Kathy with a baptismal date for August 24th!  She is super prepared.
Friday was a boring day.  But, we had fun.  Not too much happened though.  Nothing really worth mentioning at least.
On Saturday we went to the church for the Pioneer Day activity.  It was cool.  But there were no fireworks.  We had food though.  There was supposed to be more people bringing stew, but we only ended up with one pot.  So we just had a bunch of corn on the cob and dessert.  I’m sure the pioneers would have been happy with it!
Sunday was church day!  So, we had church.  It was good.  The talks were about pioneers and they were good.  After church we went to go see the Bobets.  They didn’t make it to church because they were up late with there baby.  It is only two weeks old though, so I don’t blame them.  They were very happy that we came over.  We talked to them about baptism.  Kathy is very excited.
So that was my week.  It was good.  Now I get to have another good week.  It will be better though because Leo’s baptism is this Saturday!  It’s going to be sweet!
Anyway, I’m done.  Time to go enjoy my P-day!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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July 22, 2013

Hey Everybody,
This week was awesome!  It started with P-day.  P-day was great.  We went to the Air Combat Museum here in Topeka.  There was a bunch of cool planes and helicopters.  I bought a sweet pin of a B-17, and one of a KC-135.  I now use them as tie pins.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  And we did serve there.  Then we did things that are hard for me to remember what they are.  In fact I don’t remember what they are.  They probably consisted of visiting people.  On Wednesday I got sick with a cold.  It was no fun.  But we still got some stuff done even though I wasn’t feeling too good.
Thursday was an awesome day.  We went to the church in the morning.  Then we proceeded to have four district meetings with the whole zone.  It was very long.  But that’s ok because people were meeting with President Bell during it.  And lunch was provided!  I finally got to meet President after a bunch of other missionaries.  He’s pretty funny.  We only got to talk for a short time, but I like him.  Sister Bell is nice too.  She’s also funny.  Just how I like it.  After our long quad-district meeting we went to see Dameon.  He’s finally back in town.  He is still doing awesome.  He’s read through the whole Book of Mormon again!  After Dameon we went and saw Brother Nickel.  We finished teaching him everything and moved his baptismal date back a week to August 3rd.  He is definitely going to be ready.  It’s going to be good.
After Thursday we had Friday.  I was still suffering from my cold Friday, but it was worse!  We did stuff.  Nothing too exciting though.  Most of Saturday was the same.  I was feeling like crap.  But, we did go on team ups with our ward mission leader and saw a bunch of people.  That went well.
On Sunday I was feeling better.  Which is awesome.  We had church. Which is also awesome.  We had a member, who wasn’t on the ward roster, show up with his wife and six day old son.  The awesome part about that is that his wife isn’t a member, but she wants to meet with us!  So, that came out of nowhere and it was awesome.  After church we saw Dameon again.  He wasn’t at church because he slept in.  So, we set him straight.  Just kidding, we just had a nice lesson.  He’s just super awesome.
That was last week.  It was really good.  Now today is P-day.  I love my P-day.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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July 15, 2013

Hey Everyone,
Transfers!!!!  Yep, it was transfer week.  But, lets start at the begining of the week.  It was P-day.  And it was fun.  We did P-day things.  That’s about it.  After P-day we had second P-day!  Which was packing day.  Elder Tolliver was packing for transfers for most of the day.  We did still go to the zoo for service though.  So, that was fun.
On Wednesday we had transfers.  We got a ride down to Emporia and got there at nine.  Elder Tolliver then joined the transfer caravan while I waited in Emporia until seven for my new companion to show up.  I wasn’t just sitting around twiddling my thumbs though.  I went out in a tripod and did missionary work!  We got to walk around for a few hours in 100 degree weather.  We got four referrals for the Emporia elders though.  By the time my companion showed up I was extremely tired.
My new companion is Elder Allen.  He is from Tooele, Utah.  He’s been out for about 14 months.  We get along well and have fun.  That’s about all I feel worth mentioning right now.  Well, actually I guess I will mention that he was born in Topeka.  So, that’s pretty cool!  Some of the members even remember his family.  He only lived here for about four years though.
After Wednesday we had Thursday.  Not too much happend.  We went to Walmart so Elder Allen would have food.  Then we did weekly planning.  That’s about it.  We set up a few apointments for next week too.
Then came Friday.  We had zone training Friday.  It was good.  Half of our zone is new, so there were a lot of unfamiliar faces.  We even have some from the Colorado Springs Mission here now.  We talked mostly about being united now with the mission split.
After zone training we visited a few people.  But, not too much happened.  The same with Saturday too.  We saw a few people.  We were on foot though.  Elder Allen can’t remember where his bike helmet is.  He might have to get a new one or we wont be able to ride our bikes.  Good thing this is our car week.
On Sunday we had chruch!  It was really good.  We got a new bishop finally too.  I totally knew who it was going to be.  After church we didn’t get anything done.  It was just one of those days.  We had fun though.  That’s always important.  This next week should be really good too.  We set up a bunch of appointments already.
Well, now it’s P-day.  Time to go do stuff and other shenanigans.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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July 8, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This was a good week.  It was the first official week in the Kansas Wichita Mission!  Nothing is too different from that change.  Anyway the week started of with P-day.  It was fun.  We did our usual P-day things and such.  After P-day we had Tuesday!  Tuesday was also fun.  We started off by going to the zoo!  We did a bunch of tree trimming.  When we got done we were walking by the orangutan exhibit and one of the ran up to the fence and spit at us!  It was pretty funny.  After the zoo we played chauffeur and drove missionaries all over the place.  Then we did missionary things.
Wednesday was tracting day!  That’s just about it.  Nothing very exciting happend.  But, we had fun.  Thursday was Independence Day!  We got to see about 10 fireworks too.  They were mostly hidden behind the trees by our apartment though.
Friday and Saturday we literally pretty much just tracted the whole day with a short visit here and there.  It was fun though.  We have good times tracting.  On Sunday we had church.  We had a really good testimony meeting.  After church was more tracting and that’s about it.
Today we got transfer emails!  That’s something new in this mission instead of transfer calls.  I’m still staying here, but now Elder Tolliver is leaving.  He’s going to the middle of nowhere Kansas.  But, at least that means he will be full time car.  I’ll talk about my new companion next week.
Now for some awesome P-day fun!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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Kansas Wichita Mission!

Hey Everyone,
I am now officialy in the Kansas Wichita Mission!  That change was as of today.  It feels weird.  Just kidding, I only feel like things are a lot more flat in my mission now.  I won’t be able to go to Missouri for the rest of my mission.  We were driven out after we went to the Temple last week.  Driven out by a big bus.
Anyway, this last week was good.  On Monday we did P-day.  We played an italian card game!  It was fun.  Other than that we just did our normal shenanigans associated with P-day.
Tuesday was good too.  We did service at the zoo!  In the rain!  I quite enjoyed it.  Later in the day we taught Bro. Nickel.  He already knows most of what we teach because he’s been around the church so long.  After the lesson we set him on a baptismal date for July 27th!  It’s pretty sweet.  On Wednesday we had district meeting.  It was a good one.  Afterwards we walked home.  The full six miles.  And it was at least 95 degrees outside.  It wasn’t very fun.  But, part way through somebody stopped and gave us five dollars to buy drinks.  So later in the walk we went to Dillons and bought Gatorade.  While we were there we talked to somebody who had been taught by missionaries in Arizona.  We had a nice discussion and exchanged numbers after.  So walking six miles in hot weather can be good.
On Thursday we did our normal missionary things and stuffs.  We also did weekly planning.  Later in the day, after dinner, we went out on team ups with a member.  We didn’t end up being able to see anyone.  But, we did get to have fun watching the weather turn all crazy on us.  The sky looked pretty cool.  It turned greenish yellow right after we got dropped off at the apartment.  That’s what the sky supposedly looks like right before tornadoes form.  But, we just had a nice thunderstorm.
On both Friday and Saturday we just did tracting.  That’s all we had to do so we did a lot of it.  We helped somebody move on Friday while we were out tracting.  Other than that nothing too exciting happened.
We then had Sunday.  And on the Sunday we had church.  The meetings thereof being exceedingly great.  The ward mission leader gave an awesome talk on missionary work.  We’re trying to get all the members pumped for missionary work.  I think it’s working.
Well, that’s about it for this week.  It was fun and there was a bunch of bi-polar weather.  I’m going to go enjoy my P-day now.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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Awesometastic – June 24, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This week was awesometastic!  First was P-day.  It was kind of a half P-day.  We did our normal things, then went to the church for a little bit.  At 4:00 President Keyes and the assistants showed up with some big vans.  We loaded up and started our drive down to Wichita.  I got to be in President Keyes’ van.  It was really fun.  We stayed the night at the Derby zone leaders house.  On Tuesday we went the the Derby stake center, which is where our new mission office will be.  And we had a short meeting.  I got to see Elder Moyle there.  He had his squirrel tie too.  Then we went and toured the new mission home.  After that we loaded up into buses and went up to Kansas City to the temple!
The temple was really awesome.  There was about 100 missionaries in there, it was sweet.  After the temple we went to the Liberty stake center, which was right next door, for another meeting.  It was good.  After the meeting we loaded back onto the buses and went back to Topeka.  It was kind of like vacation.  Lots of driving, but still really fun.
Then we had Wednesday.  It was pretty normal.  Nothing too exciting to report.  On Thurday we exchanged with the zone leaders.  They are both spanish speaking.  I was still in my area with Elder Blake.  I’ve actually been in his same zone for all but one transfer of my mission.  We found two new spanish investigators while I was with him.  And I’ve really never ran into anyone who could only speak spanish here until then.  I got to sit there and nod my head while he taught the whole restoration in spanish.  I’m pretty sure it went well.
Friday was another normal day.  I was still with Elder Blake for the first half.  We did some tracting and taught some people.  It was a bunch of fun.  Saturday was just like Wednesday.  Nothing too special just teaching people the gosple.  Mostly through tracting.  Later in the day we went to a recent converts house to help them paint though.  I got paint on my clothes, just like I used to always do!  It was fun and they fed us pizza afterwards.
Sunday was amazing.  In the morning we had church.  In the afternoon we taught people.  In the evening we had an awesome missionary broadcast.  I was excited this whole week for the broadcast and I wasn’t disapointed.  Missionary work is changing a ton.
Anyway, that was my week.  It was awesome.  Now I have P-day for more awesomeness.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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June 17, 2013

Hey Everyone,
It has been a really good week.  It’s also been really hot.  But that’s not important.  You don’t want to hear about how I sweat so much that it gets into my eyes just from walking.  Or about how I had to endure that with just bikes to ride this week.
Anyway, it still was a good week.  On P-day we did P-day things.  Then we went bowling again.  I didn’t do as well as the other times.  I also didn’t really have any serious games though.  I was just messing around the whole time.  It was really fun.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  We got to go into the old black leopard exhibit to help clean it up.  There was a bunch of rotten, termite infested wood we had to haul out.  There were also a lot of spiders.  But, we survived.  After the zoo we went and did stuff.  Missionary stuff.  Like tracting and visiting investigators.  For dinner we ate at a part member family’s house.  It was really good food.  Then we started teaching the non-member.  He has decided to work towards getting baptized now!  It was pretty sweet.
Wednesday was pretty uneventful.  We didn’t really do much.  Except tract and visit people.  But, none of it really worked out too well.  After dinner we went out with a member to try to visit more people, but most of them weren’t home.  We did have a few good visits though.
Thursday was much like Wednesday.  We just tracted and visited a tried visiting a few potential investigators.  We also did weekly planning.  That’s always fun.  You know, if you like planning things.
On Friday we had zone training in the morning.  It was really good.  We talked about planning and inviting people for baptism.  Now we just need to go out and invite all of our investigators for baptism.  The rest of the day we rode around in the hot weather on our bike.  Just like we did the whole week.  But on Friday we didn’t end up having any luck.  Nobody was home that we tried.  It was fun riding around though.
Saturday was like the rest of the week.  Not too exciting.  We just rode our bikes around and did missionary things.  It was hot, but we had fun.  Sunday was church!  It was really good and our investigator Leo (the part member family) was there.  He’s gone to church multiple times in the past, but this was the first time he’s stayed the whole time.  We also taught him again after church.  We brought a member that just got home from his mission less than two weeks ago.  He is here for work and really wanted to go with us.  It was an awesome lesson.
Well, that was my week.  It wasn’t too exciting, but it was still awesome.  This week will probably be even more awesome though.  We are going down to Wichita tonight for a zone conference tomorrow.  Then we are going to the Temple tomorrow too!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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