Y U NO EMAIL?! – 2/11/2013

** Note from Mom: “Yes, sadly I sent his email this week to his gmail account by mistake.  I will have to send it snail mail and he can enjoy it later this week.”


Hey Everyone,

This was a glorious week. It started with P-day. During P-day we did P-day things. It was fun. Tuesday we went on an adventure. We started off by going to the Gaukel’s. We had a nice visit there. Then we went back to Maryville and met up with Bro Galbraith. He took us to Grant City, which is actually in the Albany area but we double cover that. We went there because we had a referral to teach. His name is Eric. The lesson went very well and he is very open to everything. It was the first Tuesday in a while where we were busy and knew what to do the whole day. Wednesday was good too. We worked at the Ministry Center again. It’s always fun there. And somehow we always leave with some kind of food item. They just have too much I guess. Thursday was a pretty empty day. We did a lot of random tracting and contacting people. It wasn’t very successful, but it was still fun. We also did weekly planning in the morning.

Friday was the first day of a great end of the week. We started with district meeting. It was Elder Moyle’s first time doing the training. He did good though. After that we had district lunch. It was my first time using my district lunch coordinator powers. We ate good food. Then we went back to the church for the Gaukel’s interviews. They all passed! The rest of the day was pretty slow. We did get to eat with the Gaukels at Pizza Hut though. So that was fun.

Saturday was the best. The Gaukels were baptized! President and Sister Keyes came up. They also surprised us by bringing Elder Armantrout and his companion up. The spirit was really strong throughout the service and the Gaukels were really happy. Bro Galbraith baptized Chuck and Charlie, Elder Moyle baptized Aly, and I baptized Colleen. It was really cool. Then on Sunday they were all confirmed. Bro Galbraith did all of the confirmations. The spirit was super strong then too. We went up later and ate dinner with them again. They like to feed us a lot. It was a good day.

So that was my glorious week. And now it’s P-day again. I plan on doing P-day things.

Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs

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