Topeka Zoo – 4/15/2013

Hey Everyone,
This was a good week.  P-day was fun.  We did the usual.  We emailed and shopped as fast as possible to make more time for playing sports.  Since it was a nice day we decided to play frisbee again.  It was awesome and I dominated.  That was about all we did on P-day.
On Tuesday we went to the Zoo!  We got to help work on the alligator exhibit.  Hopefully I will be here when they get the alligators.  They said they would let us feed them.  That just means throwing food at them pretty much though.  So, it’s not really that exciting.
On Wednesday we had zone conference.  It was really good.  During it we learned that we are having a special meeting where an apostle will be.  I’m lucky because you have to be within an hour of the Stake Center that the meeting is at to go, and we are about an hour away.  It’s going to be awesome.  I also went on exchanges on Wednesday.  I went to Emporia again.  It was pretty fun.
Thursday wasn’t very eventful.  I drove back up from Emporia to exchange back.  Then it was a normal day.  We taught one of our investigators named Nico at a members house again.  It was a good lesson.  Friday also wasn’t very eventful.  That’s mostly all I remember about it because not a lot happened.
Saturday was good.  We did a lot of really good work.  Most of it was still tracting, but that’s ok.  People were actually home for the most part.  First we decided to tract some hoodish looking apartments, then we just kept going.  On Sunday we had church!  It was a good day.  After chruch we went and taught some good lessons to people.
So, it was a good week.  Except for the weather.  The weather is still really weird.  At least it isn’t snowing anymore.  Just rain and a lot of wind.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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