The Great Topeka Snowstorm of May 2, 2013 – 5/6/2013

Hey Everyone,
This was a good week.  In the begining it was P-day.  We did fun P-day things, like frisbee.  No basketball though.  The floor was all sticky because they decided to glue carpet to the floor for Stake Conference.  It should be fine now though.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  I got to cut up some trees.  And by that I mean trim some trees.  It was pretty fun.  I got some saw dust in my eye and it reminded me of work.  We also got to see the white alligator that they have now.  The rest of Tuesday wasn’t quite as fun.  It was super hot.  And I got a little dehydrated.  But, we did get some good work done.
Wednesday we had district meeting.  It was really good.  Then we did a bunch of service for the member that we live with.  We raked out their back yard.  They are trying to get the house fixed up so they can move.  Which means we have to move soon too.
On Thursday we made a snowman!  Yep, I got dehydrated on Tuesday and it snowed on Thursday.  Kansas.  It was just a little snow I guess.  It mostly rained.  Other than it being cold Thursday and Friday were pretty uneventful and normal.  Saturday we did a lot of tracting.  We didn’t have anything else planned so we decided to just tract and find new people to teach.  It was somewhat effective.  I had fun riding my bike everywhere.
Sunday we had church!  It was good.  We learned things and did the normal church stuff.  The rest of Sunday wasn’t too eventful either.  It wasn’t a very effective day.  But the whole week altogether was very good.
Today should be fun.  It’s zone P-day and we are going bowling!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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