Spencer, the Alligator Hunter! – 6/3/2013

Hey Everyone,
This was an really crazy week.  Crazier than normal.  We started off with P-day.  It was a pretty normal P-day.  We just did our P-day things then went to the church and played a fun italian card game called “BANG!”.  I was dominating, but then we had to leave.  It was a fun P-day though.
Tuesday was the craziest day ever.  First our phone broke.  Then we went to the zoo.  While there we fed and held alligators!  It was awesome.  Then we used one of the other missionaries phones to call the mission office about ours.  That’s when we found out we were moving to our new apartment that day!  Or at least partially.  So, we ended up doing that on Tuesday.  They were able to bring us a new phone though, so that was good.  Tuesday night, with our new phone, we got transfer calls!  Elder Tolliver and I both stayed here in Topeka.  So no big change there.
Wednesday was pretty normal.  We went around and did missionary things.  It wasn’t as exciting of a day as Tuesday.  On Thursday we also did missionary things.  But, towards the end of the day we did missionary stuff.  We went around with one the ward missionaries and visited a bunch of the members we still didn’t know.  It went well.  Then on Thursday night we had a super crazy thunderstorm.  It just didn’t have much thunder.  There was a ton of lightning though, and some pretty big hail.
On Firday we did no missionary work.  Elder Tolliver was sick.  So we sat around.  And I cleaned the apartment up a little.  It wasn’t very exciting.  Saturday was a good day.  It was nice and normal.  We just went out and did our missionary thing.
Sunday was really good.  We had church, just like usual.  It was good.  After church we went around doing missionary things.  We talked wit a drunk guy for about ten minutes.  It was pretty fun.  That’s not the only time I’ve done that.  I just felt like mentioning it now.
That was my crazy week.  It was pretty fun.  Now I’m going to go enjoy myself with disc golf today.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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