I haven’t emailed all year! – 1/7/2013

Hey Everyone,

I haven’t written an email all year.  I should start doing that again.  We had a good week this week.  On P-day (New Years Eve) we did P-day things.  Things like ping pong.  It was fun, but I’m didn’t do that well because I haven’t played ping pong in forever.  On Tuesday we taught the Gaukel’s again.  We finished teaching them everything we teach before baptism.  So they are ready.  Their date is set for Feb 9th.  They all say they will be ready by then.  We met at their aunts house because the road to Elmo was treacherous from the storm the day before.  Her house was on the main highway so it was cleared.  It was also only about a half mile from the Iowa border.  So I was that close to being out of my mission.  It was pretty exciting.  I don’t know what would happen if I did leave.  I would probably blow up or something.
Wednesday was a pretty average day and Thursday was too.  On Friday we had District Meeting, which was good.  After that we went on exchanges.  Elder Everitt came up to Maryville with me.  He is one transfer behind me so I got to lead the area for the day.  It went well and we got a lot done.  Saturday we unexchanged and then did normal stuff.  On Sunday, we also did normal stuff.  The Gaukel’s weren’t at church though because they are sick.  This is the third time they have gotten sick in the past month.  There is some kind of pestilence going around.  We only had about a fourth of our branch at church.  Anyway, that was last week and now it’s P-day again!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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