Green Skies – 5/20/2013

Hey Everyone,
This week was really good.  And really weathery too.  On P-day we did P-day things.  Then we went bowling again!  They have a deal at the bowling alley where you can get lunch and bowl for three hours.  It was pretty sweet.  Then we drove around with the Elders from the Lake Shawnee ward and went tie shopping.  We found some pretty cool cheep ties.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo.  We didn’t get to work on the alligator exhibit.  Instead we hauled a bunch of dirt into the gorrilla exhibit!  It was fun.  Especially since people could see us in there.  After that we went out and tried some stuff.  But not much happened.
Wednesday we had district meeting.  We talked mostly about faith and a little bit about being bold.  It was really good.  I then exchanged with our district leader.  I stayed in Topeka this time though.  We went around and talked with a bunch of people.  Nothing too exciting happened though.
Thursday and Friday we biked around a lot.  The heat made it very uncomfortable.  The whole first half of the week was hot.  But, there was also a lot more people outside to talk to.
On Saturday we had a tractathon.  We basically just tracted all day.  The rest of our plans ended up falling through.  It was fun though.  And it wasn’t as hot so that was good.  Saturday night we had a pretty good thunderstorm.  Then on Sunday evening we had a crazy thunderstorm.  I’ll describe it to you.  First the sky to the west started looking slightly green.  Then when the clouds got over us it started raining buckets with a ton of thunder.  One hour later we had clear skys and it was super humid.  Luckily we were at the apartment and out of the storm.  We would have been drenched in seconds if we were out in it.  No tornadoes yet though.
That was my weathery week.  It flew by way fast, but wasn’t too exciting.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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