April Fools! – 4/1/2013

Hey Everyone,
They are switching me to a spanish speaking missionary!
April Fools!
This was a great week!  P-day was the beginning, and that’s always great.  We did our P-day things and played basketball and volleyball.  It was fun.  Tuesday we had zoo service!  And I actually got to see some of the animals this time!  It was fun.  We also taught some of our new investigators, Kelly and her son Micah.  They live with a member.  It was a good lesson and we set them to be baptized on April 20th!
Wednesday we had district meeting in Emporia.  That was the most eventful thing of the day.  The same with Thursday.  Nothing too crazy happened.  Just normal work.  Friday was pretty fun.  We went up to Lawrence to help the wards up there with an Easter event.  It was called Walk With Christ.  They decorated the church to look like scenes from Christ’s life and took people through on a tour kinda thing.  It was cool.  I’m pretty sure there were a lot of non-members that went through.
Saturday was awesome.  Most of the day not much actually happened.  But, towards the end of the day we had a MIRACLE!  We were walking back to the car after talking with someone when somebody sitting on their front porch called us over to him. He asked us “If there is only one God, then why are there so many churches?” It was a great question. So, we taught him about the restoration and he said we could come back to teach him more.  It’s was awesome!
Sunday was Easter!  It was great!  Church was awesome and there were some good talks.  The rest of the day didn’t turn out to be very eventful.  We did have dinner with an investigator though and taught a good lesson.  So that was cool.
That was my awesome week.  This week should be even more awesome because of General Conference!  It’s going to be great.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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