Hey Everyone,
It’s been a really good week.  It started with an awesome P-day.  We went disc golfing again.  I did pretty good and got par on one of the wholes.  Disc golf is pretty fun.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  We didn’t get to do anything as exciting as holding an alligator, but it was still fun.  We got to help build another retaining wall.  We’re fixing the place up quite nicely.  After the zoo we moved into our new apartment.  And that’s about it.  It’s an older apartment, but it works.  And it’s right next to the library so that’s pretty cool.  We also have a really nice blue lazyboy chair.  It’s really comfortable and I like sitting in it whenever I have the chance.
On Wednesday we had district meeting.  We drove down to Emporia for that.  It was really good.  We talked about teaching with the spirit.  After district meeting we went to a pizza buffet.  I ate so much that I didn’t even need to eat dinner.  Once we were done stuffing ourselves we exchanged.  I stayed down in Emporia with the district leader, Elder Bennett.  We had a good day there and just went around contacting people.
Thursday we exchanged back.  Then we did some weekly planning, which is a long and sometimes not as fun thing.  But, it’s good to do.  Then we went to clean up our old apartment.  We couldn’t just leave it a mess for the member that lives there.  They’re trying to sell the house after all.  Friday was our day full of tracting.  Not much of anything ended up happening but tracting.  We tried other things, but they didn’t work out.  We did find a new investigator at the end of the day though.  We were getting ready to head home when this guy on his porch saw us from across the street.  So he called us over to him and we started talking to him.  I like it when that happens.
Saturday was really good.  We went to visit one of our investigators with our new assistant ward mission leader.  We ended up teaching him and two of his neighbors / relatives while we were there.  So now they are all investigators!  Their names are Larry, Angela, and Catherine.  It was a really good lesson and the spirit was super strong.
On Sunday we had church.  Just like normal.  After church we went with our assistant ward mission leader again to visit the same people as the day before.  It was just a brief visit.  Much of the day after that was uneventful.  But later in the day we ran into the Elders Quorum president of our ward.  He was going to visit somebody new to the ward.  So we went with him.  It turned out to be somebody that has just decided that they want to get back into the church.  He was in the military but had a grenade blow up right over him, so now he isn’t.  It was really cool and we got to share a message with him.
That was our week.  It was pretty exciting.  Now I’m going to go bowling again.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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