Hey Everyone,
This was an awesome week!  We did awesome missionary things.  Monday was zone P-day.  We started with our P-day stuff.  Then we went bowling!  It was fun.  We were able to play four games in two hours.  I was pretty rusty though so I didn’t do so well the first few.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  We finished the alligator exhibit while we were there.  It’s pretty cool.  They have an albino alligator.  It might be fake though because I haven’t seen it move.  Tomorrow when we go we might get to hold a small alligator so that’s cool.  We’ll find out.
Anyway, to the missionary work.  Tuesday after the zoo we went out and did stuff.  Mostly tracting.  We did go see Dameon after dinner though.  He’s almost done reading D&C now, which is awesome.  It’s always cool to visit him.  On Wednesday we had zone training in the morning.  It was really good.  They talked mostly about having the faith to find people to teach.  After that we went tracting a lot.  That’s actually mostly what we did this week.  We are really trying to get more investigators because we don’t have very many right now.
Thursday we did some service in the morning for the member we live with.  It was pretty cool.  The funniest thing of the week happened during the service.  We were just doing our thing when a cop stopped in the road and asked us if we had see anyone in an orange jump suit running around.  We hadn’t, and luckily we weren’t wearing orange jump suits.
The rest of the week wasn’t too exciting until Sunday.  We mostly just went tracting.  Lots of tracting.  But on Sunday we got to talk with an atheist for about thirty minutes.  We didn’t get very far with him.  But, he was very nice and we were both able to bear our testimony to him.  We also gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would look through it.  So that’s cool.  Then we got to Skype home.  That was awesome.
So that was my awesome week.  This week will be awesome to.  Not for any particular reason though.  I just make sure every week is awesome.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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