Hey Everyone,
This week was awesome!  A lot of cool things happened.  We started with P-day.  It was good.  We played basketball like usual.  On Tuesday we went to the zoo!  But, it was also really cold.  It was snowing actually.  Not so fun.  But, they have the alligators now and we got to see them so that’s cool.  We just helped get the exhibit finished.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all really average.  We did missionary work.  Nothing too special happened.  A lot of it was tracting.  Sometimes tracting is fun though because of all the interesting things that you see while doing it.
Saturday was the best day of the week.  We got to drive to Lenexa Kansas for a special missionary meeting.  It was with Elder Cook, Elder Halstrom, and Bishop Davies.  With a couple of other general authorities that didn’t speak to us.  It was an awesome meeting.  They spoke to us about a lot of cool things.  I can’t really sumarize it without my notes in front of me though.
Suanday was also really awesome.  We had Stake Conference.  It was actually a “special” Stake Conference.  Nothing really special happened though.  Besides the whole stake being in the building and Elder Deshler the area seventy being there.  It was also a good meeting with some great talks.  The Stake President and Elder Deshler both talked about truly listening to the Spirit.
Anyway, it was a good week.  Hopefully we can make this week good too.  We’ll have to go out and do some awesome missionary work.  But, for today, I’m going to enjoy my P-day and dominate at basketball.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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