Hey Everyone,
It was a good week.  It was also a pretty cold week.  It felt like it was still winter for most of it.  P-day was good though.  We did the usual P-day things.  Then we went and played some basketball and football.  It was fun.  I dominated as usual.  Just kidding we really just mess around the whole time.
On Tuesday I can’t even remember everything we did.  So, I wont say much about Tuesday.  We just did our normal missionary thing and walked around trying to teach people.  We also went out and taught our investigator Dameon again.  He’s pretty awesome.  He’s finished the Book of Mormon and has been to church a ton.
On Wednesday we got bikes!  It was great to finally get bikes.  Now we don’t have to walk every other week.  Riding bikes just makes everything more fun too.  Sadly it was also very rainy on Wednesday.  It was misting all day.  Then when we started heading back to the apartment to get picked up for dinner it started pouring.  We weren’t in it for very long but we still got soaked.  After dinner the thunderstorms started.  It was fun.
Thursday was transfers!  Nothing happened to us though.  So it was a normal day.  We were lucky to have no rain Thursday and Friday, but it was still cold.  We just rode our bikes around trying to contact a bunch of people.  It wasn’t too exciting.  Saturday we did the same thing too.  It was nicer though because it was warmer.  It still wasn’t very exciting though.  Except we got to ride bikes.  That’s always exciting.
Sunday was church!  Just like normal.  It was good though, I enjoy church.  After church we went and taught one of our investigators.  She has been reading and praying now which is awesome.  For dinner we went to a part member family’s house.  We are going to start teaching the non-member soon.  It was a good dinner and we watch an awesome Mormon Message video after.
That was my week.  It was pretty fun, and riding bikes around made it even better!  This week will be awesome.  We get to go to a special missionary meeting and have a special Stake Conference with general authorities at both.  I’m pretty sure it’s Elder Cook that is coming.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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