Hey Everyone,

It’s been a great week.  We started off with P-day.  It wasn’t the best P-day though.  The Mission President put us on lock down again.  We had another big storm coming through.  Since we were on lock down we decided to take our car in to the shop.  Elder Moyle took a chunk out of the bumper a few months back.  But, it didn’t actually start snowing until late at night.  So, we were stuck in the apartment with nothing to do.  Actually that’s like most P-days in Maryville.  I decided to make cookies because I wanted cookies.  So I made them and ate them and they were delicious.  Tuesday was an actual snow day.  By that I mean it was actually snowing so we had a good reason to stay in.  We tried to get some phone lessons by calling people.  It wasn’t very effective.  We did get a nice break though.  We also had interviews with President on Tuesday.  Since we couldn’t go to St. Joseph we had phone interviews.
Wednesday we were set loose upon the town.  The first thing we did was go get our fixed car from the shop.  We ended up walking there instead of getting a ride.  It was a nice two mile walk and we got some good exercise.  The rest of the day we just did our normal thing.  Thursday was a good day.  We did a lot of tracting.  That’s mostly all we did.  We also did a lot of tracting on Friday.  It was a lot better this time because we got four new investigators in about two hours.  So tracting does work sometimes.  Friday wasn’t full of tracting though.  We worked at the Ministry Center and did our service thing there.
Saturday was pretty normal.  Nothing exciting happened.  We brought a priest with us and tried to contact some people.  It was fun even though it wasn’t very effective.  Sunday was awesome!  We had Stake Conference.  It was a broadcast from Salt Lake to all of the stakes in 9 different states.  Elder Oaks spoke along with some other general authorities.  It was awesome.  The rest of the day consisted of some cold tracting.
That was my week.  This week is transfers.  I will most likely get transferred unless they forgot about me up here.  Elder Moyle got called as a trainer though so I’m pretty sure I’m gone.  I’ll let you know next week.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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