Hey Everyone,

So I’m still in Maryville.  I think they may have forgotten about me up here.  I guess that happens a lot in this area though because all the members say that missionaries usually stay a long time.  It’s good that I’m still here though because I like this area.  And now I get to be here for the Gaukel’s baptism.  Which is actually this Saturday.  We’ve already gotten pretty much everything set up for it.  One really cool thing is that President Keyes wants to come up for the baptism.  I guess baptizing a whole family attracts a lot of attention.  So that’s the most exciting thing we have planned for this next week.  Expect some pictures next week.
Another cool thing is my companion, who is still Elder Moyle, is the new district leader.  He likes to be called Captain Moyle now.  Anyway, he gets to do all of the fun district leader stuff, but he says he has no idea what he is doing.  They didn’t tell him what to do they just called him and said he was district leader.
So that’s whats new.  Here is what happened all last week.  Monday was P-day.  We did the normal P-day stuff.  I sent a funny email, we bought food, and then I made a gigantic batch of no-bake cookies.  I just wanted to have some cookies to eat so I made them.  I used crunchy peanut butter and threw in some pretzels to change things up.  They were delicious.  Tuesday was pretty uneventful.  We had a good day planned originally but then a semi hit our plans and they were gone.  So we had to scramble to find stuff to do.  Wednesday we got a good four inches of snow.  So we went around and shoveled some driveways.  Then we went to the Ministry Center, but it was closed.  I guess they close whenever the schools close.  You would think four inches of snow wouldn’t close schools.  But there is always ice underneath the snow here.  So then we went around and did normal stuff.
On Thursday it was transfers.  But, that didn’t effect us at all.  We went up to Elmo and met with the Gaukels.  We were going to go on Wednesday, but the roads were treacherous   When we got there Colleen and Charlie ambushed us with snowballs.  So we retaliated.  Then we went on their sled once.  Then we went inside and taught them.  Actually we just talked about their baptism and set things up for it.
Friday we had a good day.  We went to the Ministry Center.  Then we went around and taught a bunch of people.  Saturday was a slower day.  We helped a family in the branch move to another town.  Then we went and did normal work.  Not much happened.  Sunday was good.  We had church, because that’s what we do on Sundays.  After church we met with some people and taught them.  Then we had dinner at the Graves.  It was a really good dinner.  I’m sure fasting all day made it that much better too.
Anywho, that was last week and now it’s P-day once again.  This week is looking like a good one.  Especially with a baptism.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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