Hey Everyone,

It’s cold!  It was starting to warm up last week, but today it is just freezing.  All of the snow geese that have been flying north through here decided to turn around.  Or maybe the small group I saw flying south was just confused.  This week we are supposed to get like 17 inches of snow though.  That will be fun.
Anyway, last week was a pretty good one.  On P-day we did P-day things.  On Tuesday we did normal stuff.  We were going to go to Grant City in the Albany area again to teach someone.  But, his kids got sick and he had to cancel.  We will get back out there eventually.  It made for a much more empty day than we had wanted.  So we just went out and tracted without much success.  Wednesday we had zone training down in Platte City.  It was very good.  Afterwards we exchanged with the zone leaders.  I went to the half of St. Joseph that I hadn’t been to before with Elder Lusk.  It’s also very old and ghetto.  The nick name for that area is Dirty Joe.  The streets there are crazy and all over the place.  Thursday we unexchanged.  Then we did weekly planning.  Which we had to break up throughout the day because things kept popping up.  First we got called to help somebody move.  Then we went and taught someone.  Then we had our dinner.  Then we were able to finish our planning.
On Friday we went to the Ministry Center.  We also did other things.  I can’t seem to remember exactly what we did that day though.  Some days just aren’t eventful enough I guess.  Saturday was the Gaukel’s week-aversary.  So we called them and wished them a happy week-aversary.  We celebrated by tracting a lot and finding two more people to teach!  So that’s good and now we can start doing more teaching.  Sunday was good.  We had church.  President Graves interview Chuck for the priesthood and he is going to get it next week.  Dinner was pretty exciting.  We ate at the Graves.  Which is always good.  This time they fed me a diseased potato though.  It didn’t look like anything was wrong with it until I cut it open.  It still tasted good though.
Anyway, that was my week.  It started with P-day and ended with the consumption of diseased produce.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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