Hey everyone,

It’s not P-day today!  It’s Tuesday instead.  But, the libraries were close so we couldn’t email yesterday.

It’s been a pretty splendiferous week.  We worked hard and did things.  That’s about it.
On Monday we had P-day.  It was a good P-day and we did P-day things.  Mostly we sat around bored, because that’s what we do here in Maryville.  Then we went over to the Ackamn’s to play games and eat dinner.  So, it was still fun.  Tuesday is like our Monday, we don’t like it very much.  We never seem to have much to do.  But, it was still a good day.  We spent it walking (mostly driving) around in the nice warm weather looking for things to do.  Not much happened though.  Wednesday was good.  We did our weekly service at the Ministry Center.  I always like doing that.  Then we walked (mostly drove) around looking for things to do again.  We had some nice warm weather.  On Thurzday we went on exchanges.  The district leader came up here to Maryville with me.  We did a lot of walking (mostly driving) around contacting and teaching people.  It was a nice warm weather day.  Friday was awesome.  We had District Meeting.  So, we drove down to St. Joseph for that.  After that we exchanged back and went to work.  When we got back to Maryville we just walked (mostly drove) around looking for things to do in the nice warm weather.  As you can see,  we had a little harder time knowing what to do this week.  But we still got a lot done and worked hard.
On Saturday…  We walked outside into the arctic cold.  It was a big surprise from the weather of the rest of the week.  But, it didn’t stop us from walking (mostly driving) around doing our thing of preaching the gospel.  Sunday was an awesome day.  We had church!  Church is always good.  Especially when investigators come.  The Gaukel’s were there again.  They have gotten over their sickness and are still doing awesome.  They are pushing on for their baptism on Feb 9th.  Hopefully I don’t get transfered on the 31st and have to miss it.  But, they will still get baptized whether I’m here or not.
This week, since it’s Tuesday, you get to hear about two of my P-days.  Yesterday was P-day, and it was still cold like the arctic.  But, that’s okay.  We went over to the Ackman’s and made all kinds of good treats.  Like brownies and such.  So we filled up on those.  We also played frisbee in the arctic cold for as long as we could bear.  It was a fun P-day.
Anyway, that was my last week.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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