Hey Everyone,

It’s been a good week.  Not a ton of exciting things.  On Monday we did P-day things.  Tuesday we did missionary things.  Wednesday we had zone training.  We drove down to Platte City again and had a big training with the rest of the zone.  It was really good.  After that we went back up to Maryville and did missionary things.  On Thursday we did missionary stuff.  The differences between missionary things and missionary stuff aren’t important.  On Friday we worked at the Ministry Center again.  That’s always fun.  Then we did missionary things.  On Saturday we went on a road trip!  It was to do missionary things though.  One of the members drove us around and we tried to contact people in the outer reaches of our area.  We went out to Rockport, Tarkio, Westboro, and then Elmo.  We decided to go there to visit the Gaukel’s briefly.  They are still sick but getting better.  We ended up staying and just visiting.  We’ve already taught them everything and they are ready to be baptized.  They are all doing awesome still.  They said since they wouldn’t make it to church they would watch some conference talks.  After that we went home.  It was a good day.  The traveling was fun.  It was like riding a roller coaster with the person that drove us.  Sunday was a good day.  We had church and did missionary things.  We also were able to go to the church later in the day and watch President Uchtdorf’s CES Devotional while enjoying some cookies.  It was a very good devotional.  And the cookies were delicious.  Anywho, that was last week.  Now it’s P-day again!
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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