Hey Everyone,

It was just another normal week, nothing too crazy.  On Sunday we had Stake Conference.  It was really good.  President Keyes was there and spoke.  He had all of the missionaries stand up and recite the first vision with him.  It was really cool.  We got a ride down to the stake center, which is good because it saved us a lot of miles.  Not that it really matters, we go over miles every month here in Maryville.  The area is just too big.  Anyway we try to stay under.  Tomorrow we have to drive down to the Liberty stake center next to the Kansas City Temple for zone conference.  It will probably be close to a 200 mile day.  We are going to have to get up at about 4:00 so we can get there by 7:30.  That wont be fun.  But, zone conference itself should be fun.  I will get to see some of the people that were in the MTC with me because their zones are going too.
I am getting along well with my new companion.  Things are a little slower than last transfer, but that’s because we are both so new.  We work hard though and get things done.  Elder Moyle’s great great grandfather was a stone cutter for the Salt Lake Temple.  That’s pretty cool.  I guess he’s the one who would walk to the temple every week and eventually lost his leg.  I’m sure you’ve heard that story.  His great grandfather was an apostle too.  Pretty cool stuff.
This week should be fun.  We got zone conference and Thanksgiving.  We should be moving sometime this week too.  Thanksgiving will be awesome.  The Graves(Branch Presidents family)  signed up to feed us.  They always have REALLY good food.  I’m pretty excited.  We finally found a new apartment.  It’s a duplex.  A nice one too.  We will have a garage and a washer and dryer.  We wont have to scrape off our windshield in the winter.  I think we will be moving in near the end of the week.
Stay Classy,
Elder Tubbs
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