Hey Everyone,

This week has been normal.  Not very many awesome things happened.  Just normal cool things.  I can’t really think of much to write this week, but I will try to fill some space.  The person that read the whole BoM has already been taught everything and is keeping all of her commitments.  Elder Armantrout and I are both really surprised by how prepared she is.  She is even doing missionary work.  She told us that she talks to her mom and friends about what she knows.  It’s crazy.  It’s just a couple weeks until her baptism now.  We’ve decided that our best case scenario next month will be getting 7 baptisms.  It’s completely possible with some of the people we are teaching.  We just have to work hard and make it happen.

This week we were both really low on money.  That’s because it’s the end of the month though.  We also had less families feed us than any other week.  That means we got to eat a lot of ramen.  On Halloween we aren’t supposed to go out after six, unless we have an appointment.  So we are just going to go to Taco Bell, each get a taco twelve pack, and sit at the apartment and eat. The weather here is a lot like Utah’s.  It changes a lot, and it changes quickly.  On Tuesday it was 85 degrees.  On Wednesday it was 40 degrees.  It’s been that way ever since, but it is starting to warm up now.  I’m a little excited to see how much snow we get.  But, after I see how much we get I know I will hate it.  We will probably do a lot of shoveling.  Walking around in the snow won’t be that fun either.

My first transfer is almost over.  I’m surprise by how fast its gone.  I’m sure I will stay here at least one more transfer to finish my training, but it is possible that I get moved.

Stay Classy,

Elder Tubbs

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